Imagine paying R1.4k to eat at the wedding. Image via Unsplash

Yikes! Wedding invite trashed after bride puts R1.4k charge on food

Another bride has been severely slammed after charging her guests a whopping R1.4k to eat at her special day!


Imagine paying R1.4k to eat at the wedding. Image via Unsplash

One would think that with all the stories going out on bizarre brides and their outrageous demands, brides would be a little less crazy when it comes to their weddings but this is certainly not the case. Another bride has made headlines after she decided to charge her guests a whopping R1.4k to eat at her special event.

Bride gets the boot for bizarre wedding meal price tag

Brides have been known to go a little cuckoo when it comes to their weddings and how they would like it to go.

While it’s absolutely okay to want to have a perfect wedding, involving your guests in your bizarre demands can be considered taking things a little too far.

One bride has just learned this lesson after she decided that she would be charging her guests $99 to take part in her “banquet-styled” wedding buffet.

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Daily Mail reports how one of the guests who was honoured with an invite to the wedding took to Reddit to share how frustrated she was when she discovered that the bride wanted the guest to fork out the large chunk of money to eat at the wedding because the couple “could not afford’ the catering costs.

“We are unable to afford the food, so it will be $99 per head banquet style,” reads part of the invitation.

The disgruntled Redditor also explained how guests are expected to hire a babysitter, pay for petrol to drive out to the wedding venue which is quite far, and pay for a hotel or accommodation.

Netizens quickly get to criticising

The post received a lot of attention from other Redditors who advised the poster not to attend the pricey event. Many of them slammed the bride as tacky for expecting her guests to pay for their own food.

Arlospot said:

“I would happily attend a wedding where they served crisps only. It’s whatever you can afford. I would not pay that amount to attend. She wanted her guests to pay for her wedding. So cheeky.”

Christoph58 shared:

“I bought the dress at JC Penney outlet. Ordered the cake from the grocery store. Ordered food from my favorite deli. It doesn’t need to put you in debt.”

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