What's on TV tonight: Truth about Viral Videos on SABC 2

What’s on TV tonight: Truth About Viral Videos on SABC 2. Image: Adobe Stock

What’s on TV tonight? Don’t miss The Umbrella Men on ETV

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What's on TV tonight: Truth about Viral Videos on SABC 2

What’s on TV tonight: Truth About Viral Videos on SABC 2. Image: Adobe Stock

Browsing through SABC 1, 2, 3, and e.tv channels in search of something to watch can be a frustrating challenge.

Here are the daily updates on What’s on TV tonight.

What’s on TV tonight: Sunday, 3 December 2023


20:00 – Diamond City

A prominent prosecuting attorney must defend her innocence when she’s set up and sent to prison as she investigates a conspiracy. Once a prosecutor, now a prisoner, she’s having to learn the hard way how the system can fail.


19:00 – Aksi’ Spaza

An ambitious but failed entrepreneur Tshiamo Tselane, whom after the death of his mother he is left to run her supermarket in Kliptown. Having had terrible luck with all of his past projects, Tshiamo becomes hell-bent on making the supermarket successful enough to one day franchise both to honour his mother’s legacy and prove his worth as a business man. 

19:30 – Crown Gospel Awards 2023

The Crown Gospel Music Awards salutes and celebrates excellence within the Gospel Music Industry in South Africa and beyond.


18:00 – News @18:00 

SABC3’s daily news bulletin covers the latest breaking news locally and internationally. From political topics, sports, human interest stories and daily weather updates, the 18:00pm bulletin will definitely keep viewers updated with global news.

18:30 – Africa’s Wild Year

Set over a year in Africa and focuses on each season, revealing the different conditions they bring. Temperatures, rain, and light change every animal as they adapt to the new season.

19:30 – Movie


21:30 – Put A Ring On It

Three long-term couples join Dr. Nicole LaBeach for a 9-week relationship experiment.


19:30 – Checkpoint (Current Affairs – PG13)

The wheels are literally coming off the Piotrans run ReaVaya bus service in Johannesburg with former administrators and shareholders accused of stealing the company blind. (2023)

20:00 – The Umbrella Men (Drama – 16VL)

 A ragtag bunch of musicians are forced to rob a bank during the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival in the hope they will save their iconic, but in-debt nightclub in the Bo Kaap. Abduragman Adams, Irshaad Ally (2022) John Barker.

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