This Body Works For Me

This Body Works For Me season two cast. Image Supplied/Showmax

‘This Body Works For Me’ S2 back by popular demand [watch]

‘This Body Works For’ – Showmax’s reality TV show set on the South African adult entertainment industry – is now streaming.

This Body Works For Me

This Body Works For Me season two cast. Image Supplied/Showmax

This Body Works For Me, reality series about the South African adult entertainment industry, was an instant hit when it debuted last year, topping charts on Twitter and Showmax and making its cast household names. This is why it is back for a second season on Showmax.

In the first episode of Season 2, we see the OGs – Xoli Mfeka, Bubbly, Gina, Primadonna and Wandi Ndlovu – as well as newcomers Diamond, Dione Xanthe and Lebo. Xoli brought Dione Xanthe on the show last season to shoot a scene with her and Wandi, her former bestie turned archnemesis.

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Xoli, who is considered one of the pioneers of the adult entertainment industry in South Africa, explains why her role is minimised in the second season of the show. “I got a call from my brother to tell me that my mother and grandmother were in the hospital,” she says in episode 1. “So that is why I am going up and down, from here to there.”

While she wasn’t able to commit to filming full time this season as a result, she is positive about her time on This Body Works For Me. “Being on this show changed my life in many ways and I am grateful for it,” she adds.

“As an adult entertainer, we hardly get these opportunities, so this is really amazing and the platform is great.”

Popular adult entertainer Xoli Mfeka. Image via @xolisile_mfeka/Instagram

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In an interview with Showmax, Xoli delved into her fractured relationship with Wandi and how it makes her feel. “Wandi sued me after we shot a movie,” she says.

“That broke my heart because I really did like her and I have always wanted all of us to win. It is now weird that she and I are no longer talking. It is very disappointing.”


This Body Works For Me is a concept that seeks to shine a light on what women in the adult entertainment industry go through,” says show creator and POP24 executive producer Zinzi Velelo Alake, who is also behind the record-breaking Showmax Original The Mommy Club. “It is an all-access look into the lives of those who are often not seen and heard, it showcases women who boldly live their lives authentically and proudly.” 

Gina wants audiences to see the human in them and not just their occupations. “I am a mother and a daughter who comes from a very religious family. Even though I am an exotic dancer, I have not forgotten where I come from.”

For Bubbly, adult entertainment is her business. “Being a businesswoman is not easy and I want people to see the ups and downs of it all,” she says. 

Dione Xanthe hopes that her story will resonate with survivors of abuse. ”My life has not always been easy,” she says. “The things I have gone through should have broken me, but I am still standing and that should be a lesson for other people.”

Diamond is all about showing up authentically as herself. “I am going to be myself throughout,” she says. “I do not feel the pressure to change myself to fit in; I am me, and that is enough.”