Little Mermaid action remake vs animation

Little Mermaid action remake vs animation. Image via Twitter/Canva

The little mermaid: Comparing the 1989 and 2023 trailer [watch]

The Little Mermaid, a Disney film starring Melissa McCarthy and Halle Bailey, debuts nationwide in theatres on May 26, 2023.

Little Mermaid action remake vs animation

Little Mermaid action remake vs animation. Image via Twitter/Canva

The Little Mermaid live-action remake’s 2023 release is quickly approaching, and Disney has unveiled a new poster and full trailer.

Some fans have compared the trailer for the live-action reworking to the studio’s animated musical masterpiece.

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Two of the film’s stars, Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy, debuted the trailer on ABC’s live broadcast of the 95th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars).

The Little Mermaid 2023 retells the well-known tale of Ariel, a charming and spirited little mermaid with a hunger for exploration.

Watch a side-by-side comparison of “The Little Mermaid” trailers from 1989 and 2023

The Little Mermaid debuts exclusively in theatres across the country on May 26, 2023, under the direction of innovative director Rob Marshall.

What is the Little Mermaid About?

The story is about Ariel, the most rebellious and youngest of King Triton’s daughters who yearns to learn more about the world above the water.

While on a journey to the surface, she develops feelings for the handsome Prince Eric. Mermaids aren’t supposed to talk to humans, but Ariel has to do what she feels.

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In exchange for the opportunity to experience life on dry land, she strikes a pact with the wicked sea witch Ursula, endangering both her life and her father’s throne.

With a script by two-time Oscar nominee David Magee, The Little Mermaid is directed by Oscar nominee Rob Marshall (Chicago, Mary Poppins Returns) (Life of Pi, Finding Neverland).

The Official Soundtrack

The songs include new lyrics by three-time Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda and music by multiple Academy Award winner Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin).

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Marc Platt (Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, Grease Live!, two-time Emmy winner), Miranda, John DeLuca (Tony Bennett: An American Classic), Rob Marshall, and Jeffrey Silver (The Lion King), who also serves as executive producer, are the producers of the movie.

The Little Mermaid’s brand-new soundtrack is currently available for pre-order, pre-saving, and pre-adding.