Mel Viljoen and Rhona Erasmus have a heated argument on ‘RHOPTA’. Images via Instagram @rhonaerasmus @melanyviljoen.

‘RHOPTA’: Three bombshells from the latest episode

From the ladies ages to Mel Viljoen donating to ‘bestie’ Kiki La Coco’s charity, here’s three bombshells from the latest episode of ‘RHOPTA’.


Mel Viljoen and Rhona Erasmus have a heated argument on ‘RHOPTA’. Images via Instagram @rhonaerasmus @melanyviljoen.

The Real Housewives of Pretoria (RHOPTA) seems to be just as dramatic as the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) – here are three bombshells from the latest episode of the reality series – which aired on KykNet on Thursday 24 November.

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Kiki La Coco and her husband Malcolm sat down with Mel Viljoen and her friend at the charity event. The couple then ask Mel how much she will be donating.

“I’m so stupid that it never crossed my mind that they’d actually ask me for money. And.. I was ready for the moment though,” said Mel.

The Tammy Taylor Nails SA founder then went on to ask how much people usually give. Kiki then responded from R20 to R100 000. 

“Judging by the way you look in your expensive outfit you can’t give less than R50 000,” said Malcolm. 

“Not once could they tell me what it is, what it looks like, what they envision. They couldn’t account for one cent and how it’s going to work. I just hope the charity, paid partnerships and the like.. Don’t become a trend in the relationship,” said Mel. 

“Make me feel it’s only about the money and the friendship will be over instantly,” she continued.

Mel Viljoen throws shade at Kiki La Coco. Images via Instagram @kiki.lacoco.

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Rhona Eramus invited the girls over to wear some old clothes and go out for a meal. The ladies met a drag queen named Genevieve Le Coq. Genevieve asked the ladies how old they are. X suggest Mel Viljoen is 27 and she says “ooh, keep talking beautiful stranger”. 

He then guesses that Kiki La Coco is 31 while Mel suggests Rhona is 51. Mel then reveals that she is 36 and Kiki also shares that she is 36. Rhona then reveals that she is 38, but Kiki jumps in saying “you’re lying”. 

Rhona then explained that she is almost 38, currently “37 and three quarters”. Marie then revealed that she is 51. Renkse revealed that she is 55 years old.


On the latest episode of the Real Housewives van Pretoria, Rhona met with some of her girlfriends and discussed her upcoming birthday party. She revealed that she is unsure about the theme but is leaning towards Bohemian.

She then explained that she is sceptic about inviting Kiki La Coco and Mel Viljoen to her birthday party. This is because they have previously been shady towards her.

“We attended a function and one of them told me that she had fillers injected into her lips because she doesn’t want wrinkly lips like mine. I quite like the lines, I thought my lips weren’t too bad. My husband likes my lips,” she continued.

“And the other woman, Mel is quite… she always creates weird conflict situations. For instance, she said she doesn’t think I’m successful. I don’t know how to be successful or run a company. Because I said I think the way in which we do business differs,” she added.

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