When Harry met Santa

‘When Harry met Santa’ TV commercial
Image via YouTube screengrab/Posten

I saw DADDY kissing Santa: New Xmas ad gets mixed reactions [watch]

A Christmas love story: The Norwegian Post Office has unveiled a special TV commercial about Santa Claus finding his dream man…

When Harry met Santa

‘When Harry met Santa’ TV commercial
Image via YouTube screengrab/Posten

A new Norwegian TV commercial about a gay Santa Claus has ilicitied a strong reaction from the public

Posten – the country’s postal services – uploaded a Christmas commercial onto their YouTube channel titled When Harry Met Santa.

In it, a father of one is seen falling in love – and later kissing Santa. But whilst many have labelled it “beautiful”, others are less than impressed.


The video tells the story of a mature dad who strikes up a friendship, and secret crush on Santa. They pair see each other once a year, but their meetings are short as the Christmas character has to go about his mission of delivering gifts to the world.

Unable to hide his feelings any longer, the man pens a letter to the North Pole with the catchy holiday line: “All I want for Christmas is you”.

And to his pleasant surprise, Santa shows up in his living room again after hiring “help”for the holidays in the form of the Post Office!

The video cuts to the pair passionately kissing each other. On the screen flash the words; “In 2022, Norway marks 50 years of being able to love whoever we want”

According to Posten, the ad celebrates the 50th anniversary of Norway decriminalising homosexuality.

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The feel-good Christmas commercial has won the hearts of many viewers.

Some of the comments under the video read:

“What a beautiful advert!”

“Love whoever you want!”

“This was a whirlwind of emotion. Thank you”

“That’s the sweetest Christmas ad I’ve ever seen!”


Others weren’t convinced it was “kid-friendly”.

“Really, Santa is gay now? I must have missed the memo”

“I hope no children see this ad”

“Little kid: Hey Santa, what did you bring me?”
Santa: Nothing, but I’m taking your dad away”.