Moja Love fired Xolani Khumalo, the former presenter of the ‘Sizok’thola’ show. Image via X @PhilMphela

Xolani Khumalo allegedly filming ‘Sizok’thola’ copy, Moja Love reacts

Moja Love shared that it has taken the legal route following their former presenter filming a knock-off version of ‘Sizok’thola’.


Moja Love fired Xolani Khumalo, the former presenter of the ‘Sizok’thola’ show. Image via X @PhilMphela

Moja Love has further distanced itself from their former presenter Xolani Khumalo following complaints that he is allegedly filming a copycat version of their show Sizok’thola.


Last year, Moja Love sacked their presenter Xolani Khumalo from the Sizok’thola show. This as he faced murder charges after an alleged drug dealer died during filming of the show, according to YFM.

The production company has further distanced itself from their former presenter as seen in a recent statement. According to the statement, Khumalo has allegedly been filing a similar version of the Sizok’thola show. Moja Love has voiced that they have been receiving complaints about the new “unfortunate incidents”.

With that being said, the channel has resulted in sending Khumalo a cease and desist letter.

“Moja Love (DSTV 157) has made a shocking discovery that another production company is shooting a show under the guise of Sizok’thola and in the process, breaking the law. It has further come to light that the show is being shot by the former presenter Xolani Khumalo and crew…

“Moja Love parted ways with Xolani Khumalo last year following concerns and questioning him about his knowledge and involvement in the unlawful incidents that led to the possible contamination of crime scenes. Failed prosecution of a known drug lord and unfortunately tragedies that followed the filming of certain episodes…

“Moja Love has been receiving complaints about unfortunate incidents during the filming from the Consulate General of Nigeria and the Embasy of the DRC about their citizens who have been attacked during filming. Moja Love would like to set the record straight that it is not the channel’s property that has been filming and distances itself from the rogue activities,” the statement read.

The channel also said because Khumalo is allegedly using their concept of the show, he is breaking the law. They have since assured that they will do everything in their power and “within the law to stop him.”

Moja Love xolani khumalo new show
Moja Love distances itself from Xolani Khumalo’s alleged new show. Image via X @mojalove


Moja Love announced that the channel will be meeting with the Conslate General of Nigeria and the DRC Ambassador soon to address the matter and clear their name.

“We are deeply invested in contributing positively to out society and we are aware of the impact of drugs especially on the youth,” the statement read.

On the other hand, according to Sunday World, Moja Love’s new presenter Xolani Maphanga has also been entangled in some drama lately. According to the publication, a suspected Pretoria drug lord with political connections allegedly fabricated a case of assault against Maphanga and his crew.

This is said to have come after Maphanga and his crew, together with the police, swooped on the alleged drug lord’s property in Soshanguve with an aim to confiscate drugs.