Glam rescue: Dogs rule in Lisa

Lisa Vanderpump stars in new docuseries ‘Vanderpump Dogs’. Image via Instagram @vanderpumpdogs

Glam rescue: Dogs rule in Lisa Vanderpump’s new docuseries [watch]

‘Vanderpump Rules’ lead Lisa Vanderpump has a new docuseries, titled ‘Vanderpump Dogs’. Watch the trailer here.

Glam rescue: Dogs rule in Lisa

Lisa Vanderpump stars in new docuseries ‘Vanderpump Dogs’. Image via Instagram @vanderpumpdogs

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump takes viewers on an inside journey of her animal rescue foundation Vanderpump Dogs in a new docuseries that premieres on 9 June on Peacock.


Vanderpump Dogs looks into British restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump’s animal rescue foundation which was founded in 2016. The non-profit organisation attempts to create a more humane world for dogs as the pound is more of a palace and the pampering never ends. This follows Lisa Vanderpump’s reality series Vanderpump Rules which follows her work life. The series is currently on its eight season.

“Vanderpump Dogs follows the stories behind the sweetest and most outrageous dog adoptions at the renowned pet adoption shop in West Hollywood owned by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and ‘Overserved’ star, businesswoman and restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump,” according to Peacock’s YouTube channel. 

The docuseries covers the adoption process which Vanderpump thinks is a heartwarming process.

“It is so emotionally provocative of how you feel, how invested you are in the dogs, how you’re rooting for them to be adopted and then it’s the human story as well— it’s really beautiful. It was so much fun doing it, but also I do think it’s really, really heartwarming,” said Lisa Vanderpump to Daily Paws.


Lisa Vanderpump announced the series via her Instagram two weeks ago.

“Welcome to the @VanderpumpDogs Rescue Center! Get ready for some amazing stories that will make you cry, laugh, and want to squeeze the nearest pup. #VanderpumpDogs is streaming June 9 on @PeacockTV ! So excited!!!” wrote Vanderpump.


Peacock introduced the cast on 2 June which includes an impressive team of groomers, veterinarians and other specialists. 

Dr Andrew Y Kushnir is an in-house veterinarian at the Vanderpump Dog foundation who handles vaccinations and more as well as Madeline Quint as the dog trainer. 

Brian Marshall as the dog stylist.

Kendall Young helps adopters find their perfect puppy match, Patrick Miller-Wren is the world-class groomer and Summer Loftis is the social media marketer who also helps the puppies find their forever homes.  


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