Heuwels Fantasties Herverbeel

Die Heuwels Fantasties . Image: Andre Badenhorst

Die Heuwels Fantasties’ new album is ‘modern folk pop ear candy’

Die Heuwels Fantasties will be releasing their new album, ‘Herverbeel’ on Friday 11 December.

Heuwels Fantasties Herverbeel

Die Heuwels Fantasties . Image: Andre Badenhorst

The popular Afrikaans electronic band Die Heuwels Fantasties are back with new versions of crowd favourites in their latest album, titled Herverbeel, which lead singer Hunter Kennedy (vocals, lyrics, bass) describes as “modern folk pop Ear Candy”.

The album contains remakes of tunes from across their catalogue featuring various local talents and includes their latest single, Hardloop Weg, written by Pierre Greeff (vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitar). 

And, even if you don’t have a clue what this Afrikaans band is singing about, they more than likely will manage to take you on their cool pop rock sound trip.

And they have solid proof that their music transcends language barriers: Die Heuwels Fantasties boasts three MK Awards and were the first Afrikaans band to reach No 1 on the SABC’s Top 20 album with their second album, Wilder as die Wildtuin.

‘Hardloop Weg’ at 3am in the morning

Greeff is excited about this single and explained how he wrote it at three in the morning: “I guess it was a feeling I was trying to make sense of in my life at the time, I just woke up and it came out and onto my notes on my phone. 

“Afterwards, Fred [den Hartog: lead guitar, production] and I actually finished off the song quickly. Looking back over the years, I can count on one hand when the writing process was so simple and usually those songs are quite special.

“It was cathartic for sure and definitely relatable — it seems to more than just myself in these times.”

New life into nostalgic gems

heuwels fantasties herverbeel

The rest of the album takes fans on a nostalgic journey with old gems, such as Leja and Buitenste Ruim which were re-envisioned to breathe new life into their classics. 

Kennedy explained that the title of the album means “using your imagination to revitalise something old”.

He continued by describing the process behind the album: “Since we could not tour during the lockdown period it was the ideal time to focus on Herverbeel

“This process of revitalisation was a great way to shine a light on old songs again. From my side, there was not a lot to be done as the songs were all already written. Pierre basically called up producers and collaborators who we’ve been keen to work with and I guess because of the lockdown peeps were keen!”

Celebration of collaborations

Herverbeel is also is a celebration of the beauty behind collaborations, as Kennedy explains: “I am very excited about all the collabs. It was on my bucket list to work with Tresor and Margot’s [Rothman] take on Mejuffrou Sonneblom is incredible.

DHF x Tresor la-la-loading… Kan nie wav nie ❤️ 11.12.20

Posted by Die Heuwels Fantasties on Thursday, November 26, 2020

“The different producers did a remarkable job in reworking the tunes to sound like new songs. TeeJ did a great job, Ampie and Murray Lubbe’s version of Ons Moet Leef feels like an old classic, but is also completely different – just to name a few. Everyone involved in the making of Herverbeel did a wonderful job.”

Other artists who collaborated on the album, include Laudo Liebenberg, Loki Rothman, Tarryn Lamb, Die Krefies, Chxrl and TJ Terblanché.

Herverbeel is available on all streaming platforms at www.platoon.lnk.to/herverbeel

Die Heuwels Fantasties — Upcoming shows:

Friday 11 December: Blue Moon, Nelspruit. | Tickets at: facebook.com

Saturday 12 December: Boerepompie, Pretoria. | Tickets at: howler.co.za

Sunday 13 December: Dozi`s Back to the Roots, Hartbeespoort. | Tickets at: quicket.co.za