BBM contestant Liema Image: via Instagram @liema_rsa

BBM contestant Liema Image: via Instagram @liema_rsa

End of the road for Liema on BBM after vile behaviour?

Fans of Big Brother Mzansi 2024 are calling for Liema to be disqualified in the same way Bravo B was

BBM contestant Liema Image: via Instagram @liema_rsa

BBM contestant Liema Image: via Instagram @liema_rsa

Big Brother Mzansi (BBM) S4: S’ya Mosha viewers are calling for Liema to be disqualified for allegedly slapping and spitting in the face of fellow contestant Jareed. 

This after a video clip from the show has been doing the rounds on social media, sparking a heated debate about what’s fair when the topic of gender-based violence (GBV) is raised. 

WATCH: The heated exchange Liema had with Jareed and Els

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Liema’s outburst was over Els kissing Jareed in front of her 

Liema’s angry reaction came after Els kissed Jareed in front of her, which set off her emotional outburst. 

Not only was Liema confrontational with Jareed, but she also slapped him and spat in his face twice, whilst warning him not to touch her. 

The visibly upset Liema also threatened to hurt Els and hurled profanities at her. 

When other housemates tried to intervene to calm the situation down, Liema screamed at them to back off and not touch her too. 

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Calls for Liema to be disqualified 

On the backdrop of former BBM S4 contestant Bravo B’s disqualification over a GBV plot, viewers are now calling for Liema’s disqualification. 

Many are saying that if the roles were reversed and a guy behaved in the same manner, spitting on the face of a female that he would have been disqualified, no questions asked. 

Others are saying her inability to control her anger, lashing out and threatening contestants makes her a danger to others. 

Liema apologized to Jareed and Els 

Despite Liema apologizing to Jareed and Els for her actions, there are still calls for her disqualification. 

Viewers are adamant that if there are rules in place over GBV then those must be effected and there cannot be double standards when it comes to this. 

Some have said they have emailed the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) to voice their grievances. 

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