Image via Twitter: @IamTboTouch

DJ Sbu, Robert Marawa, Tbo Touch and DJ Fresh put ego’s aside for radio!

Turns out that ‘Fired FM’ is more than just a joke. Tbo Touch headed online to share that he and a few other ‘fired legends’ are working on something amazing for radio!


Image via Twitter: @IamTboTouch

A few months ago a social media joked that Robert Marawa, DJ Sbu and DJ Fresh start a radio station called “Fire FM” after they were all fired from their perspective radio jobs. While the idea started off as a joke, the media personalities found it to be quite an amazing one and have been hinting about actually doing it.

Now Tbo Touch has confirmed that there is indeed something huge on the way.

Exciting radio: Fired FM loading…

After hearing that sports broadcaster Robert Marawa was being let go, South Africans were reeling. His sacking reminded people of all the other media giants who were also fired from their positions such as DJ Sbu, DJ Fresh, and Tbo Touch.

Soon thereafter a joke was made about how they should all start a radio station called “Fired FM”. It seems the idea has really stuck with the media personalities who have been hinting about actually starting a radio station.

Most recently Tbo Touch headed online to share how he, DJ Fresh, Robert Marawa and DJ Sbu is working on something exciting.

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“They said this partnership was impossible, too many big egos in 1 room. Well, it turns out we have 1 thing in common. We love Radio more than we love our egos. Loading in 3….2……1????#MondayMotivation,” he wrote.

Here’s what Mzansi has to say:

@TheReal_Mlu_ said:

“Renegade FM. Add Euphonik to this collabo and its curtains for all other SA radio stations…they will lose listenership immediately.”

@Rofhiwa__4 said:

“I hope it doesn’t end in tears.”

@Rofhiwa__4 said:

“We shall see…so many egos there. Look what happened to Touch Central”

@khani_hlahla said:

“Wow, I personally hope it won’t be an online thingy but a radio station where everyone rich or poor can have access to, surely you’ll break them figures…haven’t listened to a sports show since Robert Marawa left, that big ears guy bore me.”

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