Diamonds & Dolls

Showmax’s new reality series, ‘Diamonds & Dolls’ has received poor reviews. Image via Twitter @danielmarven

‘The ghetto?’ Glitzy ‘Diamonds & Dolls’ receives poor reviews [watch]

‘Easily the tackiest show I’ve ever watched’: said one tweep about Showmax’s new reality show, ‘Diamonds & Dolls’. Take a look…

Diamonds & Dolls

Showmax’s new reality series, ‘Diamonds & Dolls’ has received poor reviews. Image via Twitter @danielmarven

Showmax’s new reality show, Diamonds & Dolls, premiered on Tuesday 6 March. The show follows a group of socialites in Sandton, Johannesburg and has been described as the “first of its kind”. Sadly for Diamonds & Dolls, the show has received poor reviews from reality television show fans. One tweep referred to the show as the “tackiest show” they’ve ever watched. 

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Diamonds & Dolls follows socialite Tebogo Ramokgadi and his friends, Inno Morolong, Eva Modika, Lumi Jemma and Lolo Mlunjwana on their journey to fame and fortune. 

The six-part series sees Ramokgadi and his “dolls” party, have luxury dinners and flaunt lavish fashion brands. Of course, there is some drama involved! 

Ramokgadi, who refers to himself as the “Mayor of Sandton”, told Showmax that he and his friends bring the “glitz, glam and champagne lifestyle” to Diamonds & Dolls.

“We don’t hold back on the drama either. So expect explosive moments from this group of friends, darling,” added Ramokgadi.  



Since the series hit Showmax on 6 March, reality show lovers in Mzansi have been sharing their thoughts on Diamonds & Dolls, but sadly, the show has received poor reviews.

Diamonds & Dolls is easily the tackiest show I’ve ever watched. Lumi’s accent?? I’m praying that this is some sorta parody show! There’s no way this is real.” 

“This show is not giving what they thought it was going to give. Hayi man, it’s giving Android vibes production value.” 

“Hai guys what in the ghetto is this?”

“I keep cringing.”


Tebogo Ramakgodi told Showmax that getting the show up and running did not come easy. 

“This dream has been 10 years in the making. We spent millions of rands filming Diamonds & Dolls and my co-producer and I nearly went bankrupt because we wanted high standards that the show demands.”

“I’m glad we didn’t give up on our dream,” added Ramakgodi.

Will he and his dolls return for season two?