The Wife

‘Love the way they met’: #TheWife reacts to Naledi & Qhawe’s first episode. Images via Twitter 2

‘Love the way they met’: #TheWife reacts to Naledi & Qhawe’s first episode

‘The Wife’ fans were impressed by Qhawe and Naledi’s first interaction and are looking forward to their love story.

The Wife

‘Love the way they met’: #TheWife reacts to Naledi & Qhawe’s first episode. Images via Twitter 2

Fans of Showmax’s telenovela – The Wife has reacted to Naledi and Qhawe’s first kiss from this morning’s episode.  

While some viewers of the show were impressed by their first interaction, others felt that their chemistry was a bit off.  


The Wife fans were finally introduced to Qhawe’s future wife – Naledi (played by Gaisang Noge) this morning (14 April) after meeting Mbalenhle Mavimbela as Hlomu in season one, and Khanyi Mbau as Zandile in season two.   

The show confirmed that Noge joined the show in March as Naledi – a doctor who shares a love story with the fans’ favourite Zulu brother – Qhawe Zulu – portrayed by Kwenzo Ngcobo.  

They first met in the hospital parking lot when he stole her parking spot, then met again when Hlomu invited her over for dinner.   

Viewers are looking forward to their love story, how they manage their struggles as a couple and if Naledi will still get along with Hlomu when she finds out that she slept with Qhawe and that he might be the father of her daughter.  

Naledi was also the doctor who assisted Hlomu to give birth to her daughter.   

Like Hlomu and Zandile, Naledi will come to understand that loving one of the Zulu brothers means being understanding of their dark and tumultuous past and secrets.  

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“Cela nithi (let’s celebrate) hooray Naledi has arrived.”  


“Her scenes with Qhawe had me blushing the whole time… they were being cute.”  


“Ohhh the love story I’ve been waiting for, Naledi and Qhawe. As I start watching again, fingers crossed that “The Naledi His Love” season won’t disappoint.”

“Oh and this means Qhawe will finally be over his crush on Hlomu.”


“Here Tswana Zulu love affair.”  


“Sisiwe, there is a difference between chubby and fat! Naledi is chubby, not fat bathong.”

“Rest please Mampho is a perfect fit for Naledi.” 

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