Gogo Skhotheni

‘Ancestors revealed my second husband’: Gogo Skhotheni on polyandry. Image via Instagram @gogo_skhotheni

‘Ancestors revealed my second husband’: Gogo Skhotheni on polyandry

Moja Love’s reality star Gogo Skhotheni, real name Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng reveals her ancestors informed her to take a second husband.

Gogo Skhotheni

‘Ancestors revealed my second husband’: Gogo Skhotheni on polyandry. Image via Instagram @gogo_skhotheni

Moja Love’s reality TV star Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng aka Gogo Skhotheni had social media buzzing when she took a second husband two years after being married to her first husband, known as Mr Shange.  

Motsoeneng reveals in an interview with Drum Magazine that was still in the honeymoon stage when she started getting dreams from her ancestors telling her she needs to take a second husband and prays she doesn’t get a dream telling her to take a third.   

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The Moja Love reality TV star Gogo Skhotheni’s second husband joined her family eight months ago, according to the publication. Patricia Tumi Motsoeneng admits in the interview that she never saw herself in a polyandry marriage because she’s always been a one-man woman.  

She also shared on Moja Love that her baby daddy and first husband was not happy when he was told she was going to marry another man but he understood.  

Patricia Motsoeneng adds she was caught off guard but had to obey her ancestors.  “Even if you can check him out, he is not like my husband or someone I would go for but he understands that my ancestors want him to be in my life.”  

“I didn’t see myself where I am today, at first it was a bit weird but I am enjoying it because I do not have to hide anymore and it is not like I am cheating, what I am doing is there, it has a name it is polyandry, I am not cheating anymore,” she says.  

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Motsoeneng adds that she’s known her second husband for a long time ago and fell in love with him and cheated with him.   

“I know this person from a long time ago and I fell in love and then after the visions, the dreams and the confirmations, me and this person would see each other more and then I cheated with him.  

“But because of my gift and it not allowing me to partake in vat and sit, I told him that we need to get married and also I couldn’t continue to cheat on my husband.”  

She also assures her fans that she’s not leaving her husband or changing her surname.   

“The wedding happened already, it is just that I can’t post pictures at the moment because it hasn’t appeared on TV yet.”   

“My husbands live separately and I go to them according to our schedule. When I am not with the others, they know where I am at. We are at a good place and we do not talk about this anymore,” she says.  

Skhotheni says her first husband’s worry is she’ll get another vision from the ancestors to take a third husband.  

Her first husband’s family also felt like she was humiliating him but her husband explained that he still wants to be with her and he stayed.  

The publication reports that her first marriage is still registered and the second one happened traditionally when the second husband paid for the lobola. 

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