#BBMzansi Prediction: Neither Libo nor Tulz will win the R2 million. Image via Twitter @Rowezay_SA

#BBMzansi Prediction: Neither Libo nor Tulz will win the R2 million

#BBMzansi (Big Brother Mzansi) fans believe housemates – Tulz and Libo won’t win the R2 million because they haven’t grown their fan base.


#BBMzansi Prediction: Neither Libo nor Tulz will win the R2 million. Image via Twitter @Rowezay_SA

Housemates Tulz and Libo have dodged evictions, used other housemates and have been compared to Pinky and the Brains by #BBMzansi fans because they played Big Brother Mzansi this season like the game of Survivor

Instead of facing illumination to grow their fan base and get votes, they dodged evictions and cocooned in the house week after week. 

Their fellow housemates Themba, Mpho, and Gash1 stand a higher chance of winning the R2 million because they’ve been on the chopping block for several weeks and grew their fan base. 

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Viewers of #BBmzansi reality show don’t have confidence that Tulz or Libo stand a chance of winning the R2 million in the Big Brother Mzansi reality show against Gash1, Themba and Mpho.  

Tulz more than Libo because he’s the first housemate in the history of Big Brother to not get nominated for eviction. 

What this all means to us is that he’s managed to use whoever he had to use and whatever method to avoid eviction. 

Everyone knows that he wouldn’t be in the house if it wasn’t for Sis Tamara’s saving him and replacing him with Vyno a few weeks ago. 

#BBMzansi on Twitter detest him for not returning the favour to Sis Tamara the following week when he won HOH (Head of House). 

The other reason Tulz managed to hop onto the top five wagon was that he won the HOH challenges for several weeks. 

This is why he became likable to other housemates such as Tamara and Terry, who’ve been ridiculously loyal to him even in their exit interviews yesterday (27 March). 

But him winning HOH challenges over and over again only infuriated viewers who wanted him on the chopping block and wanted him gone.  

Another housemate Tulz used to get into the top five is Themba, it’s mindboggling that Tulz thinks he’s playing Themba whereas it’s the other way around.  

Themba only selected Tulz into the top three position because he’s the weakest housemate and doesn’t have a huge fan base like him and Mpho and Gash1. 

Tulz’s celebrity status would have never saved him just like it didn’t save Vyno, B.U. or Mvelo.

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The only reason Libo survived the first few weeks of elimination was because of his previous romantic relationship with Mphowabadimo. 

Whenever he was on the chopping block and Mpho wasn’t, her fans saved him and he like Tulz doesn’t have a huge fan base like Themba, Gash1, or Mphowabadimo.  

He’s been saved from evictions because of the HOH and DHOH (Deputy Head of House) wins and his alliances with Terry, Themba, and his previous alliance with Mpho.  

Libo has become one of the most hated housemates this season because of his attitude and the ill-treatment towards his former flame – Mphowabadimo. 

Pouring her face with water, taking her traditional doek which she uses to pray with, screams disrespect towards her beliefs. 

He tried to sabotage her by trying to get other housemates to jump on his #AntiMpho train by making up stories that she’s a witch.

Libo grew Mpho’s fan base by displaying hate, anger, and disrespect towards her. 

The more he resented Mpho as a woman who rejected him and as a sangoma, the more her fanbase grew and the more viewers loved her and became protective over. 


Fans are routing for the underdogs and the black sheep this season, such as Themba who was laughed at in the house because he didn’t attend fancy schools and doesn’t have the ‘right’ English accent.  

They want to give the money to a kasi man or woman who’ve been looked down on throughout the season by other housemates. 

Fans want a woman like Mpho to win because of her spiritual beliefs and because she’s been discriminated against, they want to save her from the cruelty in the house and the cruel world.

Viewers love Gash1 because he was discriminated in the house just like Themba and Mpho. 

Housemates didn’t like Gash1’s eating habits, his sharp personality but we loved that he stayed true to himself, knows what it’s like to survive eviction and the way he loved Thato was top tier. 

P. S Everyone knows that Sis Tamara and Thato would’ve been in Libo and Tulz’s place if it wasn’t for Themba saving them. 

And this is why Tulz and Libo are The Pinky and The Brains of Big Brother Mzansi 2022 and will not win the R2 million. 

Watch the show’s final episode/closing this Sunday (3 April) on DSTV channel 161 or channel 198 at 6pm to find out who won the R2 million prize money.

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