Former Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane joins EFF. Image: @NdlovuAS

EFF: What’s on their READING LIST?

The EFF made headlines this week admitting ex-public protector to the party. But what’s on their reading list?


Former Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane joins EFF. Image: @NdlovuAS

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have made headlines after Busisiwe Mkhwebane joined the political party this week. But did you know that there’s reading material attached to it for members of the Economic Freedom Fighters?

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According to their website, a page called Reading Material outlines what members of the party should have on their bookshelf.

Ever wanted to know what makes the EFF reading list?

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The South African took a closer look at their website and online library

EFF Reading Material

The Reading Material page on the Economic Freedom Fighters’ website lists ebooks for viewing and download, all connected to the values and mission of the party.

If you want to be an EFF member, it’s a good idea to know what books are recommended reading.

A History of South Africa by Leonard Thompson

The first recommended book on the list is A History of South Africa.

According to the book description, it remains “a comprehensive and authoritative account of the country’s past.” Published by Yale University Press, the book should be a delight for most history fans.

Stages of Colonialism in Africa

The Stages of Colonialism in Africa isn’t a book.

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Instead, it’s an academic study about the history of colonial exploration in Africa. While it might not be the best bedtime story, it’s a look at Africa’s history that is considered essential reading for members of the EFF – but makes an important read for anyone interested in the history of the country, too.

The book can be found at this link.

The 2nd National People’s Assembly

The next book on the reading list is an internal document released by the party: a summary of the 2nd National People’s Assembly.

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The Report & Resolutions outlines the party’s thoughts on finance and fundraising, correctional services, media, and more.

It’s everything you want to know about the party’s views.

Revolutionary Code of Discipline

The Revolutionary Code of Discpline is next (here).

This document outlines how “revolutionary discpline” works, and how party members are expected to act within the law.

More EFF Reading Material

Not done reading yet?

There’s more reading material to be found on the EFF page, including the newsletter.