Bookstagram collage

Five South African Bookstagrammers you should be following

If you love books, bookstores and all things related to reading, here are five unique South African Bookstagram accounts to get you started.

Bookstagram collage

For those who don’t know the term, the word Bookstagram is “the name of an Instagram community that posts pictures of books and book-related things”. 

And, fortunately for us in South Africa, there are many great Bookstagram accounts in this country to follow.

Some of them will give you literary inspiration while others are composed of a pile of pretty books which spice up an Instagram feed. Others will keep you up to date with the latest book releases and reviews.

There are Bookstagrammers around the world but  these accounts will lead you into the wonderful world of South Africa’s own Bookstagram community.

1. Fox and the Fiction

Fox and the Fiction Meg

First up we have Meg from @fox_andthefiction. She is the go-to girl for all things thrillers and young-adult fiction. Her feed is full of beautifully minimalistic photos and fantastic book reviews.

Find Meg here:

2. Lotus Book Blog

Lotus Book Blog Bookstagram

 Next up we have the Bookstagram @LotusBookBlog.

Not only does this blog offer great reading inspiration and updates on new book releases, but they also have an Indie, second-hand bookstore called Lotus Bookstore.

For those who are new to Bookstagram (or Instagram in general), Lotus Book Blog also shares amazing tips on navigating and growing an online presence.

Follow Lotus Book Blog here:

3. The Book Barbarian

The Book Barbarian

 For those who are into photography and a minimalist, dark aesthetic, look no further than Tammy Smith over at @Book.Barbarian.

Her feed is full of stunning, high-quality photos, great books and major nail inspiration!

Follow her here:

4. Cats, Books and Coffee

Cats, Books and Coffee Bookstagrammer

What would this world be like without books and cute cats? Luckily, we don’t have to think about that because Catherine over at @cats_books_and_coffee has both!

On her feed you will find adorable cats, book hauls as well as many book reviews.

Find Catherine here:

5. Tshegofatso Motlhake

Bookstagrammer Tshegofatso Motlhake

This Bookstagrammer does it all! Not only does she have a YouTube channel and an IGTV video, she also has a striking feed full of lovely photos and book reviews.

Her page is full of beautiful aesthetics, books and quotes that will inspire you.

Follow Tshegofatso here: