Marc Lottering

From left, are producer Ebrahim Mallum, singer Craig Lucas, Marc Lottering and Anwar Mackay. Image: Supplied

Watch: Marc Lottering’s cry for help and appeal to the president [video]

Beloved South African comedian Marc Lottering, in collaboration with singer Craig Lucas and activist Joanie Fredericks, released an appeal to President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently intervene to help provide relief to communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marc Lottering

From left, are producer Ebrahim Mallum, singer Craig Lucas, Marc Lottering and Anwar Mackay. Image: Supplied

Communities across the world are at the forefront of the devastation that has been wreaked as governments, businesses and life as we know it, have shut down.

 After meeting with Fredericks to find out what can be done to raise awareness for feeding schemes in South Africa, Lottering wrote a song and got The Voice SA winner Craig Lucas to lend his voice to the cause. 

Marc Lottering cries out

The message is clear — people are starving and communities need help. The goodwill of so many who continue to contribute, is appreciated — but the issue is for government to step up and lend a helping hand. 

Lottering explained: “Joanie posted a video at the start of lockdown, begging the president to please not forget about the poor during this time. 

“She highlighted the plight of the poor in Tafelsig Mitchell’s Plain. To witness the situation there, firsthand, is devastating.”

According to Lottering, “the level of poverty and despair is gut-wrenching”. 

The devastation caused by COVID-19 and lockdown

Lottering continued to describe the crisis facing so many South Africans.

“People queue daily for a sandwich or a cup of soup. That pot of soup is often paid for by private sponsors or members of the community themselves, but money is now running dry. Women, children and men will starve, and this is the situation for soup kitchens and feeding projects around the country.”

This led to Lottering stepping in this week with a song and video to highlight the dire hunger situation.

“We’ve made a short little film. It is a desperate plea to our president to please step up. I wrote a song to accompany the video. The song is called ‘What About the People‘ and is performed the ‘The Voice‘ winner Craig Lucas.”

Watch: Marc Lottering and Craig Lucas – ‘What About the People’

Getting involved

Although the plea is directed at the government, if you would like to get involved in supporting a good cause, please consider a donation. Any small amount will help.

Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN Donations Account: FNB Gold Business Account, Account Holder: J Frederiks, Account Name: Ladies Own Transport Services, Account Number: 62830121828, Branch: Promenade, Mitchells Plain, Branch Code 250555


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