Pigcasso's 'Wild and Free' painting.

Pigcasso’s ‘Wild and Free’ painting. Image: Facebook/Pigcasso

Move over, Banksy: SA’s Pigcasso sells painting for more than R400k

South Africa’s pig prodigy, Pigcasso, is binging home the bacon after selling a painting for more than R400 000.

Pigcasso's 'Wild and Free' painting.

Pigcasso’s ‘Wild and Free’ painting. Image: Facebook/Pigcasso

South Africa’s art sensation, Pigcasso, just made history by selling a painting, titled Wild and Free for £20 000 (that’s more than R400 000).

SA’s Pigcasso is making history

It is said that this painting is one of 400 paintings done by Pigcasso since Joanne Lefson rescued her from a local industrialised hog facility in 2016.

The £20 000 price tag breaks the previous animal painting record of £14 400 (over R300 000) that was set in 2005 by a chimp called Congo.

Pigcasso’s official Facebook page states that the “magnificent masterpiece” that has now “inspired a global record” was sold to a German investor.

“Who would have imagined that a pig rescued from slaughter in 2016 would rise up and inspire a mass awakening between farm animals, what we eat- and its direct, devastating effects on the lives and welfare of animals and the environment. Less Meat. More art. Oink on, Pigcasso!”

It is said that the colours in the painting were ultimately inspired by the ocean scapes of the Western Cape.

Forget Banksy…here is Pigcasso! Image: Facebook/Pigcasso

The world’s most original artist?

Pigcasso – whose paintings ultimately benefits the registered non-profit Farm Sanctuary SA that Lefson established in 2016 – has become a well-known name in the animal art community.

In an interview with Joanne and Pigcasso in 2019, Joanne said: “Pigs are very smart animals and so when I brought Pigcasso here to the barn, I thought how do I keep her entertained? We threw in some soccer balls, rugby balls and of course there were some paintbrushes lying around because the barn was newly built… She basically ate or destroyed everything except these paintbrushes… she loved them so much.”

Artwork created by an animal

Of the “Wild and Free” painting, Joanne said that it’s not just a visually striking and beautiful painting — it’s a profound moment for Pigcasso, and for farm animals.

“You can’t look at it and not place greater value on their intelligence, individual and creativity,” she said according to The Sun.

“I wanted to have Pigcasso create something that had never been done before. An oversize, larger-than-life canvas that could challenge the intrinsic value of an artwork created by an animal.”