Takealot vs. Amazon

Takealot vs. Amazon for South African eCommerce domination. What will happen next? Picture: File/Fotor.

Takealot vs. Amazon: What will happen NEXT?

Consumers are set to benefit from lower prices and increased competition with the upcoming Takealot vs. Amazon online shopping battle.

Takealot vs. Amazon

Takealot vs. Amazon for South African eCommerce domination. What will happen next? Picture: File/Fotor.

The online shopping battlelines are drawn between Takealot vs. Amazon. The overarching benefit for South African consumers will be their battle for market share and the inevitable good deals that will come from healthy competition.


Amazon is coming to SA in 2024. Picture: Supplied.

Takealot, part of the Naspers group, is the old incumbent in South Africa and has carved a healthy market share of roughly 15% for itself, according to eCommerceDB. However, Amazon has announced it will launch its online shopping arm in South Africa in 2024.

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Best of all for South African shoppers, apart from offering its own Amazon products, it’s encouraging local sellers to access its platform. According to Daily Investor, 60% of Amazon sales are from independent sellers. There is no reason the same shouldn’t apply locally in the Takealot vs. Amazon war.


With the backing of Naspers, Takealot has carved out a healthy market share in SA. Picture: File.

Speaking at the announcement a month ago, Robert Koen, GM of Amazon Sub-Saharan Africa, said it sees local sellers growing their businesses on the Amazon platform. Through its eCommerce tools and programs, it hopes to empower South African sellers. Therefore, Amazon has slashed its Professional Seller fees to R1 per month, down from the regular R400 per month.

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In response to the impending Takealot vs. Amazon online war, Mamongae Mahlare, the CEO of Takealot said she looks forward to the challenge. She said she was proud that a local company like Takealot had built an investment case big enough for a global company like Amazon to take notice.


Roughly 60% of its sales come from local business. Picture: Amazon.

Mahlare reiterated the fact that Naspers had invested in Takealot for the long term, so it welcomed some healthy competition. Ecommerce can accommodate many players in the market, and Amazon is likely to win some market share away from Takealot.

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The Takealot vs. Amazon battle should prove very interesting from 2024 onwards. But experts say Amazon will still have to prove its worth against an established player. The latter has great logistics capabilities and knows the market well. Which ever way you’re edging, this Takealot vs. Amazon eCommerce battle should benefit all of us with increased competition and lower prices.

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