renew your vehicle license

How much it costs to renew your vehicle license after adjustments. Picture: File.

RTMC gives SA motorists a hand with license renewals

Concerned about the increase in expiring discs, the RTMC is going to start alerting motorists about license renewals.

renew your vehicle license

How much it costs to renew your vehicle license after adjustments. Picture: File.

In a recent statement the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has said it’s going to start warning SA motorists of their upcoming license renewals. By sending SMSes and email messages, the RTMC hopes to alert more than one million motorists of their impending license renewals.


license renewals
Photo: @Search_SA / Twitter.

According to Business Tech, the RTMC said its system has 1 049 412 license renewals pending for September alone. If these are not renewed in time, penalties will occur.

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Of course, according to the new AARTO laws, there is the mandatory 21-day grace period in which to renew the license without incurring additional cost. But the RTMC is concerned that far too many motorists wait and use up this additional period, adding more complication to the renewal, often missing the deadline and paying arrears anyway.


license renewals
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As a result, the RTMC says it is taking proactive steps to clear this month’s one million license renewals on time. In its communiques to motorists, the RTMC will include the necessary MVL1 form so you can avoid queues and time wasting.

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All you need do is fill out the form and make the necessary payment online. If successful, the RTMC will continue to do so each and every month. The catch, though, is the organisation needs your contact details.


license renewals
New online system for license renewals. Image via Facebook: Rekord

“Vehicle owners are encouraged to please update their email and telephone contact details on the NATIS website to receive the reminders,” it said. This is the same portal where motorists can renew their vehicle and driver’s licenses.

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“To take advantage of this method of renewal, vehicle owners are encouraged to register their profiles at in five easy steps. Those who have registered already can login and finalise the renewal in less than 10 minutes,” the RTMC concluded.

What do you think? Do you want the RTMC to have all your contact details or would you rather keep track of your license renewals yourself? Be sure to share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below.