Range Rover

Range Rover experience. Picture: Supplied.

Range Rover experience: Consummate LUXURY

We’re lucky enough to experience a breathtakingly soulful variety of Range Rover products, just as the maker intended.

Range Rover

Range Rover experience. Picture: Supplied.

The instant you climb behind the wheel of a Range Rover you’re reminded what the problem is with a lot of so-called luxury cars. Don’t know what it is? Well, the leather and touchscreen festooned luxo-barges of today may have an impressive number of zeros in their price tag, but they’re almost all of them too complicated and soulless. There, I said it …

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Genuinely, I won’t name names because that’s a little unbecoming. But the luxury cars I’m talking about may be as efficient as the German Reserve Bank, as high-tech as the IT department of the Dow Jones Industrial, but they leave you cold. Thankfully, for those of us with hot-blood coursing through our bodies, there is always a Range Rover. The granddaddy, the original all-terrain luxury conveyance.


Range Rover
Convoy of the Range Rover experience. Picture: Supplied.

Don’t ask us why, but we were invited by the British marque, to experience Range Rover just as the brand intended. This meant 24 hours of opulent luxury in the Western Cape, driving and being chauffeur driven in a variety of Range Rover offerings. When an invitation like this lands in your inbox, don’t ask any questions, you simply RSVP ‘yes’ before it’s retracted.

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Aesthetically, against the tranquil backdrop of our rendezvous point, the selection of Range Rover and Range Rover Sports cuts an elegant and distinctive silhouette. There’s nothing quite as majestic as a Range Rover. The latest iteration was launched last year, fronted by its new, understated grille. The whole vehicle is about aerodynamic, clean surfaces. Not only does this look impeccable but it means it’s aerodynamic (for what is still a large SUV). An elegant band of LED head- and tail-lamps with daytime running lights (DLRs) glint mischievously against the Range Rover’s bodywork, like a wrist wearing a bejewelled bracelet.


Range Rover
The ultimate luxury car. Range Rover. Picture: Supplied.

I absolutely love the subtlety on the new Range Rover. It’s a statuesque beauty wearing ridiculous 23-inch rims, however, its fine detailing beckons you in, demanding closer attention. It’s like an artwork hanging in a museum that needs to be appreciated from afar and up close. Even in the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Cape Town, our convoy of Range Rovers and Sports stands out and demands an emotive response from everyone who sees them.

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As you may know, engineering wise, the Range Rover is completely new from the ground up. There is an expansive range of six-cylinder petrol with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology. There’s a torquey and practical turbodiesel and there’s a creamy top-of-the-range V8 petrol, too. If I’m completely frank with you, on our convoy drive it was almost impossible to make an assessment on the various drivetrains. They all seemed incredibly well matched to the vehicle. Click HERE if you’re interested in more technical detail.


Range Rover
Moving effortlessly from one destination to the next. Picture: Supplied.

What you want above in a luxury car is refinement and comfort. All of the Range Rover drivetrains deliver as much. I genuinely couldn’t tell you one was better or worse than the other. I suppose if money is no object, you’ll want the top-dog petrol V8 with many kWs. I’d argue the turbodiesel might be the easiest to live with every day as you don’t have to stop at the pumps as often. And the six-cylinder PHEV delivered an incredible best-of-both-worlds experience – a rorty six-cylinder soundtrack and silent lift and coast function on battery power alone. In ideal conditions it’s apparently very economical, too.

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The honest truth is if you’re watching your pennies, you’re almost certainly not going to be in the market for a Range Rover or Sport. Never mind debating which drivetrain is the most economical. The one percenters who can entertain such things have several vehicles and can afford to keep them running. That’s why this 24 hours was more about a luxury experience, rather than a traditional vehicle evaluation.


Range Rover
A study in timeless elegance with an effortless user interface. Picture: Supplied.

Much of the magnificence of a Range Rover takes place on the inside. It’s clad in sweet, soft, leather that assails your nostrils as soon as you climb up into the cabin. You don’t sit in one so much as feel cossetted by it. For me, luxury is not about toys. It should be about simplicity, spaciousness and an uncomplicated user interface. The Range Rover’s cabin delivers exactly this with a timeless, elegant design and less-is-more approach through its touchscreen.

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The dashboard can wear anything from a cool carbon-fibre look, to polished walnut, but don’t forget a Range Rover can be specified with any extravagant option that takes your fancy. This comes through the firm’s bespoke Special Vehicles (SV) service. Have a favourite colour or material you want used on the front fascia, no problem, money is no object in this regard.


Range Rover
So luxurious it’s best enjoyed from the rear quarters. Picture: Supplied.

With our convoy-driving duties wrapped for the day, we got to enjoy the rear quarters with a chauffeur drive to that evenin’s dinner venue. That venue just so happened to be JAN Franschhoek, and you can read all about the meal prepared by South Africa’s Michelin-star chef HERE. On the way to and from this one-of-kind dining experience, I drank in the opulence of the Range Rover long-wheelbase model from the rear quarters. The rear seats were unashamedly lush, with pre-loaded classical piano piping into the cabin through the premium sound system.

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It was in the back of the Range Rover that my mind was made up. This is the best luxury car in the world. To the layman or new money, a Range Rover may have conservative roots, but what it actually has is heritage and breeding. The granddaddy of opulence, it’s adapting with the times without losing sight of what luxury is all about. There’s more than a little bit of magic in the Range Rover, and I feel very privileged to have been given the chance to experience that.

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