November 2023 fuel prices

Outlook GREAT for November 2023 fuel prices. Picture: File/Fotor.

Outlook GREAT for November 2023 fuel prices

After a back-to-back battering, there’s sweet relief on the way for November 2023 fuel prices. Here’s how much you can save …

November 2023 fuel prices

Outlook GREAT for November 2023 fuel prices. Picture: File/Fotor.

According to latest data from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE), it’s sweet relief for November 2023 fuel prices. In a release from the Automobile Association (AA), it believes unaudited data of the Central Energy Fund (CEF) points to a massive R2/litre decrease in petrol. And a likely decrease to diesel grades of around R1/litre.


November 2023 fuel prices
Great outlook for November 2023 fuel prices. Picture: Getty Images.

As always, the DMRE is still to make an official announcement of a November 2023 fuel price, but you can expect it before Wednesday 1 November 2023.

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Looking in more detail, ULP95 is expected to decrease by around R2.01/litre and ULP93 by R1.96/litre. Diesel is also expected to have a decent decrease of around R1.08/litre, with illuminating paraffin also showing an expected decrease of 98c/litre.

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 “After three months of significant increases both petrol and diesel prices are expected to fall below the R25/litre mark again. This is good news for motorists, consumers, and the economy, especially heading into the end of the year,” said the AA.  

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“These decreases come as South Africans continue to struggle financially and will be welcome relief from the substantial increases seen since August. In July, a litre of ULP95 cost R22.46 (inland). Should the expected decrease materialise, the November price for a litre of ULP95 inland will cost around R23.68,” notes the AA.


November 2023 fuel prices
Finally, some good news for November 2023 fuel prices. Picture: File.

CEF data is pointing to significant drops in the cost of international product prices in October as the biggest contributor to the decreases. While the Rand has weakened, its impact is relatively minor in the context of the bigger picture. The same applies to diesel and illuminating paraffin prices, advised the AA.

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The current (October 2023) fuel prices (Inland and Coastal):

INLAND October
Petrol 93 R25.22
Petrol 95 R25.68
Diesel 0.05%R25.02
Diesel 0.005%R25.22
Petrol 93 R24.50
Petrol 95R24.96
Diesel 0.05%R24.29
Diesel 0.005%R24.53

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