SANTACO e-hailing app

New SANTACO e-hailing APP coming soon. Picture: File.

Taken for a RIDE: New SANTACO e-hailing APP coming SOON

From the council that brought you eight days of violent striking in Cape Town, there’s a new SANTACO e-hailing app.

SANTACO e-hailing app

New SANTACO e-hailing APP coming soon. Picture: File.

It’s called Teksi Ride, and it’s the South African National Taxi Council’s answer to Uber and Bolt. The new SANTACO e-hailing app will be run in partnership with local e-hailing businessmen.

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Essentially, the SANTACO e-hailing app will act as a means for metered taxis run by the council to compete with more tech-savvy offerings like Uber and Bolt, reports TopAuto.


SANTACO e-hailing app
Teksi Ride will compete with Uber and Bolt in SA. Picture: File.

Sizwe Mvubu, the national chairperson for metered taxis at SANTACO, spoke this week with eNCA. He insisted that Teksi Ride is not intended to compete with Uber and Bolt. Instead, it’s an app for metered-taxi drivers, and users want to bring SANTACO into the modern era. This will deliver e-hailing app convenience and features.

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Teksi Ride is already available to download on Apple and Android devices. However, it will only start offering rides from Sunday, 1 October 2023. Both riders and drivers will have a 24-hour contact centre to request rides and register complaints, Mvubu said.


SANTACO e-hailing app
Minibus taxis are parked in an orderly fashion. Picture: File.

Yes, a user can request a ride to a location, and the nearest metered taxi will then be alerted to accept/dismiss the trip. It’s understood that the app will charge R8.50 per kilometre travelled, with a 20% commission fee from driver earnings.

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Mvubu also said the big benefit of the SANTACO association is all metered taxi drivers are vetted, trained and have up-to-date operator’s licenses. In turn, this ensures vehicle compliance and safety for customers. Teksi Ride will join two other SANTACO e-hailing apps in SA. Namely, YoTaxi! and Shuma South Africa.

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