vehicle licence renewals

Good news for vehicle licence renewals in SA. Picture: File.

MORE good news for vehicle licence renewals: FNB drops its fees

Following Shoprite and Checkers, now FNB is offering big discounts on vehicle licence renewals. Here’s more …

vehicle licence renewals

Good news for vehicle licence renewals in SA. Picture: File.

New week and more good news for vehicle licence renewals in South Africa. First it was My Money Market through Shoprite and Checkers that slashed vehicle licence renewals from R225 to R185. Now, anyone using the FNB app can benefit from big savings on vehicle licence renewals.

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To show it won’t be outdone for vehicle licence renewals, FNB has now dropped its service price to just R99. That includes licence disc delivery, too. The only catch, of course, is that you must bank with FNB, have the banking app, and have your vehicle loaded to it to take advantage of the vehicle licence renewals service.


Picture: Screengrab FNB app.

The bank’s renewal service is hardly a new offering. FNB first launched licence renewals on the app back in June 2017. For six years it has cost users R199 for handling and delivery. That makes the R100 discount all the more impressive. R99 all-in, that’s cheap. In fact it’s as cheap as the eNatis government portal.

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Better still, the bank says you will only pay R49 service when renewing multiple vehicle licence discs. This is a very useful benefit as often you cannot renew just one licence disc if there is another outstanding or lapsed on your name. FNB also says customers can pay for their licence renewals using eBucks.


car licence renewals through WhatsApp
There are even renewal companies that work through WhatsApp. Picture: File.

Although we have not used the app ourselves, FNB says vehicle licence renewals are made quick and easy by scanning your vehicle license disc with your smartphone. From there you follow prompts to complete the renewal process. Followed by a secure in-app payment (with eBucks if you prefer), the renewal won’t take more than 10 minutes, says the bank.

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Of course, FNB is by no means the only service out there. Click HERE for a comprehensive look at all government and third-party licence renewals in South Africa. We’ve also listed the licencing cost per province. Remember, this will be over and above the cost of any service you use.

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