Uber drivers react

Uber drivers react. Picture: Uber.

10 things you didn’t know about UBER

The ride-hailing service is 10-years old in South Africa this year, here are ten thing you didn’t know about Uber.

Uber drivers react

Uber drivers react. Picture: Uber.

To celebrate a decade in South Africa, here are ten things you didn’t know about Uber. We’ve covered the ride-hailing service extensively, from its wins to its trials and tribulations with striking drivers and customer complaints over declining service.

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However, despite this, one cannot underestimate the impact Uber has made on the mobility landscape in South Africa. Like them or not, use the service or not, here are ten things you didn’t know about Uber.


According to TopAuto, Uber has reached the following notable milestones in ten years of service in South Africa:

  • 1. The total amount of kilometres driven by Ubers in South Africa – 1.77 billion km.  
  • 2. The amount of Uber rides in South Africa to date – 7.39 million.
  • 3. Longest single Uber ride in South Africa – 813.35 km.
  • 4. Biggest Uber tip – R8 816.
  • 5. Friday is the day with the most Uber rides.
  • 6. Most popular time for rides – 14h00.
  • 7. OR Tambo International Airport is the most requested destination.
  • 8. Tourists from America, UK and Germany use Uber the most in South Africa.
  • 9. One-million economic opportunities created.   
  • 10. It is adding a fleet of electric scooters before the end of the year.


things you didn’t know about Uber
Uber-connect EV-only scooters coming soon to Uber in 2023. Picture: Supplied.

As part of Uber’s expansion plan in South Africa into its second decade, Uber is adding a new (electric vehicle) EV-only service called Uber Connect. Coming to Cape Town next month (December 2023), Uber Connect will make use of battery-powered delivery scooters for same-day deliveries. You can expect Uber Connect in Johannesburg by February 2024.

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To negate downtime for the EV scooters, swappable battery packs will allow riders to keep riding. One battery is left on charge while the other depleted unit is swapped for a fully charged one in less than a minute. Each battery delivers approximately 90 km of range fully charged.

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