Doug Rumer

Doug Rumer. Image: Supplied

Road to financial freedom: Riding through a trillion-dollar industry

With no university degree and barely a network in order to find a job, he one day – very hesitantly – decided to walk into a trade show.

Doug Rumer

Doug Rumer. Image: Supplied

Doug Rumer used to own a motorcycle shop in California. The year was 1998 and two regular customers walked into the store. Doug wondered: “How on earth do they sustain such frequent buys?” He was curious, so he asked them. 

Turns out they owned an office nearby. You’re now probably wondering “what kind of office?” This was a stock brokerage – you know, old school. Now this scene is set at the very birth of something called the Internet, and they still mostly read the newspaper in order to invest. Can you imagine? 

Inevitably, Doug was sold. He figured he could work at the stock brokerage office in the morning and work at the motorcycle shop in the evening – one could help the other. All went really well for a couple of years, until the market crash in 2001. This cost Doug his shop and his life savings. 

Doug Rumer on a Motorcycle: Image: Supplied

With no university degree and barely a network in order to find a job, he one day very hesitantly decided to walk into a trade show. He met a 60-year-old man who’d actually had quite the similar outcome to Doug’s – two decades prior.

Trading is not all about strategies, as Doug Rumer learned

This man mentored Doug and taught him that trading isn’t necessarily about strategies. It’s a lifestyle! How you carry yourself in life should be how you carry yourself out in the market. Just like in life, you need to roll with the punches through the good and the bad. Discipline is key! It’s more so about making good trades than making a lot of money – the money can follow. 

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The point here is that the market doesn’t discriminate. You don’t need to be a mathematician nor do you need to be an engineer. To put it frankly, you don’t need a university degree at all. Markets are actually all about emotions. Yes, it’s a fact. 

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Think about it this way. Doug’s shop caused him to become a victim of the economy, whereas forecasting the price of an asset and whether it will shoot up or down, now allows for him to be in control. He calls his own work hours and he’s flexible enough to spend time with his loved ones, knowing that every single day there is an opportunity somewhere in the market.

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I suppose you’d want to meet Doug Rumer by now. I would. Find him at XM Live Education, Monday to Friday, where he can now mentor you.  

Doug Rumer