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President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: X/@CyrilRamaphosa.

WATCH: SAHRC complaint against Cyril Ramaphosa [VIDEO]

Watch news in a minute for a summary of The DA has laid a formal SAHRC complaint against to Cyril Ramaphosa.

SONA 2024

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: X/@CyrilRamaphosa.

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The DA has laid a formal complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission against President Cyril Ramaphosa, taking him to task for almost 5 million of SA’s children starving.  According to the latest State of the South African Child Report by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, 4.8 million of the country’s 20 million children are starving.  The DA stated that Ramaphosa is failing in his sworn oath of office to put the needs of South Africa ahead of other interests and that this disastrous situation is the consequence of sheer negligence and disregard for the plight of SA children on the part of Ramaphosa.

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Video: The South African YouTube channel

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