Watch: Leopard catches his lar

Watch: Leopard catches his largest prey yet… a domestic dog [video]

SPOILER: The dog doesn’t die

Watch: Leopard catches his lar

Sindile, a male leopard in at Djuma Private Game Reserve, was spotted trying to sink his teeth into a domestic dog.

The dog is still alive and Sindile is struggling to kill it. “His instincts are there but he doesn’t know how to finish the kill,” the video narrates.

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The dog escapes and the rangers chase after it, fearing that it has given Sindile rabies. Rabies is fatal for both humans and wildlife.

According to Africa Geographic, the dog was tracked down and found to have rabies. Sindile is currently being held in a safe environment at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

The state vet has decided to keep Sindile in confinement for 90 days before re-releasing him back into his original area.