Watch: James Corden gets punch

Watch: James Corden gets punched in the face during special Grammy Carpool Karaoke [video]

Watch James Corden, Shaggy and Sting try their luck at Carpool Karaoke on the NYC subway when things take an ugly turn. Hilarious!

Watch: James Corden gets punch

James Corden treated viewers of the 2018 Grammy Awards with a special segment of Carpool Karaoke. He brought his popular Carpool Karaoke segment, which usually airs on The Late Late Show, to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards last night in New York, featuring the duo, Sting and Shaggy.

The three of them took to the NYC subway in the skit they like to call ‘Subway Car(Pool)  Karaoke’.

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While Corden and the rest of them jammed to “Every Breath You Take” they immediately got shouted down by a construction worker in a yellow vest who said, “Hey fellas, knock it off!” just moments after they start their session. “We’re just…” Corden said. “What? Annoying everyone on the train?” the annoyed guy shot back.

Later, the three of them tried dancing to Shaggy’s hit-song “It Wasn’t Me,” when one woman said that nobody wants to hear him (Corden) sing. They then tried their hand at Sting and Shaggy’s new single, “Don’t Make Me Wait” which sparked people to really get angry, with an elderly woman even crying out, “I don’t want to be on your stupid YouTube video.”

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Things get a little bit heated later on…watch the funny video below:

All fun and games it seems!

“Don’t Make Me Wait” is the lead single from the unlikely duo’s new album 44/876 due out on 4/20. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, it was revealed that Sting actually surprised Shaggy in the studio, an event that led to the eventual musical collaboration.

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