Watch: Elephant gently wakes s

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Watch: Elephant gently wakes sleeping calf [video]

It is not often that you see an elephant sleeping, which makes this extra special! Watch footage of an elephant trying to wake her calf.

Watch: Elephant gently wakes s

Latest Sightings/YouTube

South Africans are loving new footage of an elephant waking her baby in the Kruger.

According to, Conrad Cramer captured the footage while on holiday and spent some time watching the family group of elephants hiding from the heat of the day.

The footage is quite special because it is not often that you see elephants lying down and sleeping.

After waiting a while, Conrad was lucky enough to capture the elephant waking the baby so tenderly.

“You can see the small clouds of dust rising as the older calf behind the little one breathes in and out and how much the baby would like to carry on snoozing as mom nudges the little one, but with such gentle persuasion mom does eventually get the little one up. What is fun to see is how the calf then walks over and gently wakes the older sibling as if to say ‘it’s time to go!'”

Conrad said:

“It was one of the most tender moments in the bush that I have ever experienced”.

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In another Kruger sighting, a male lion recently woke up a lioness in the worst way possible.

Kruger Sightings actually dubbed it “How not to wake up a lioness”.

In the video, a male lion creeps up to a sleeping lioness, bites her and she’s definitely not having it. The clip was filmed by 32-year-old safari guide, Joshua Loonkushu, on an evening game drive in the Kruger National Park.

Joshua told the story:

“On the previous day, we had spotted this pride of lions that had just killed a wildebeest within the banks of the Sand River in Maasai Mara. I decided to head over there the next day to try and track them down. Luckily I managed to find them.

“In the beginning, I couldn’t imagine that the male lion was going to behave like this! He got up and kept on creeping towards the lioness, almost stalking. He was taking all effort to keep as silent as possible. I told my guests that we are up to something quite interesting here.”

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