Watch: Drone footage captures the beauty of Hermanus whales [video]

YouTube – Luke Maximo Bell

Watch: Drone footage captures the beauty of Hermanus whales [video]

It really is a beautiful world, isn’t it?

Watch: Drone footage captures the beauty of Hermanus whales [video]

YouTube – Luke Maximo Bell

At, we really do enjoy bringing you the best, most recent clips of Mzansi’s stunning wildlife. This video of the Hermanus whales may just be our favourite yet, though.

Hermanus (Western Cape) hosted its annual Whale Festival this weekend. It attracts thousands of toursits from all over the world, grappling to get a glimpse of the ocean’s most majestic creatures amongst the hustle and bustle of a usually quaint seaside town.

Whatever these visitors saw, however, would have a very hard time measuring up to the drone footage captured by Luke Maximo Bell. This talented cameraman got some of the best shots and angles of the whales that came to frolic in Walker Bay.

Whales from the air

The two-minute clip shows the whales from a unique perspective. The bird’s eye view angle captures the marine mammals enjoying the warmer waters of the Western Cape.

Bell uploaded the footage to his highly-engrossing YouTube channel. His previous work has captured Cape Town by drone and he’s taken aerial shots all over the Cape province. His whale video may be his most hypnotic, however.

Luke’s synopsis of the video reveals his utter adoration for the giants of the sea. He labelled his weekend as ‘an incredible experience’:

“This was filmed on a short trip to the coastal town of Hermanus in South Africa. I used a drone to capture these majestic creatures as best as I possibly could! It was an incredible experience to see them play and swim in the ocean so nearby the shore.”

The video itself has an intense cinematic value. David Attenborough can now safely retire knowing Luke Bell is on the case… in fact, Bell even gives a nod to his wildlife documentary, Planet Earth II.

His clip is set to ‘The Sloth’, a string-heavy and emotionally stirring piece of music that featured in the Attenborough-fronted show. Now, you can beat those Tuesday blues with a visit to the deep blue:

Watch the incredible drone footage of the Hermanus Whales