Watch: A magical Christmas at

Watch: A magical Christmas at the Chateau de Gudanes [video]

If you’ve ever dreamt of a White Christmas, this is for you. Over Christmas time it seems The Chateau de Gudanes is nothing short of pure magic.

Watch: A magical Christmas at

Chateau de Gudanes, built in the 1740’s, is a 94 room mansion neatly tucked away in the valley of the French Pyrénées. The “sleeping beauty” of a chateau was neglected and abandoned for years until a family fell in love with the magic of it in 2011. At Christmas time it seems the Chateau is even more beautiful.

An Australian family dedicated themselves to restore the mansion to its former glory, and is “giving back the love it deserves, and unravelling the spirit of the past. Opening the door to a world of wonder, both real and imagined,” according to its Facebook account. The account has about 415,955 followers and counting.

Karina and Craig Walters decided to document the process after they became the owners in 2013.

This year, for Christmas, they uploaded a video to show how magical the Class 1 Historic Monument, designed by Parisian architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, is. Along with the video, it said: “‘Tis the season! Sharing the Château Christmas spirit with a short video. If you would like to watch the video you can enter through the picture below.”

On a blog post, the owners elaborated on the progress they made and the obstacles they faced during this year. They said:

“This year the snow came early… And now, the season to be Jolly is upon us!

“Christmas means many things. It is a season which combines reverence and merriment, glory and gift-giving, solemnity and song. Always though, it has a magical way of making us feel nostalgic and reflective”

If you’ve ever dreamed of a White Christmas, watch the video down here:

You can also watch the Welcome video over here to see how the place looks like in the summer. It’s gorgeous!

A little bit of history:

Chateau de Gudanes was built in the mid eighteenth century on behalf of Louis Gaspard de Sales, Marquis de Gudanes. Gaspard, also known as the “King of the Pyrénées”, was an influential member of the Toulouse Parliament, and ironmaster of the Ariége.

Located on a ledge overlooking the Midi- Pyrénées, en route to Plateau de Baille, Chateau de Gudanes was constructed on the site of an earlier fortress, dating back to the 13th century. However, the previous castle was largely degraded in 1580, during the religious wars.