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South African real estate agent in the UK gets punked by Cheryl Cole [video]

Watch Cheryl Cole convince South African Stephen Riley that she’s, well, a crazy woman trying to sell her house…

South African real estate agen

When South African expat Stephen Riley went to value a property in quite an affluent area in London, he did not expect to meet Cheryl Cole (now Cheryl Fernandez-Versinii) at the door. Nor did he expect her to be stark raving mad.

In a prank for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Cheryl donned an earpiece and allowed Ant and Dec to control her every move. This involved kissing real estate agents on the forehead, saying the most inappropriate things and generally acting a bit bonkers.

Stephen had a bit of trouble getting through the ‘scanner’.

“I could barely get into the house, it was like fighting a losing battle,” Stephen told TheSouthAfrican.


“She was doing the craziest things, we had lunch with a violinist in our ear, she was asking personal questions which I was unprepared for,” he said.

“I thought she just had a weird way of testing agents, and that everything was a test. I thought she was absolutely crazy, and I still believed it towards the end.”

Stephen Riley and Cheryl Cole

“She was singing, kissing me on the forehead, she offered me lukewarm tap water with a tea bag in it, saying it was the first cup of tea she had ever made.”

After 20 minutes of roller coaster emotions, Cheryl walked Stephen to the ‘gym’ and all was revealed. And how did Stephen react? With a fist pump of course.

stephen riley

Stephen Riley is the Director of Riley Marshall Estate Agency. He moved to the UK ten years ago.

“I was young, dumb and wanted to travel the world and figure out what else is out there,” he said. “Well, six months turned into 10 years and now I have a family and a big career here in the UK.”