Like A Vegan

Local comedian hilariously targets vegans with help of “Helen Zille” [video]

Are vegans really this bad?

Like A Vegan

You’ve heard of Madonna’s famous “Like a Virgin”, but have you come across the latest Like a Vegan song? To be honest, we hadn’t either, but we’re weirdly glad that we did.

“It’s has been an amazing journey thus far, my new vegan cooking show with Premier Helen Zille. Out now!”

You probably haven’t heard of Cape Town-based actor Phil Black, but we can guarantee that you’ve seen him on your TV at some point. Black has appeared in commercials for Gumtree, SterKinekor and a host of different companies across the world.

If you’re a fan of local comedy and have a strong meme game, you might have also seen his parody song video detailing why he reaaaally hates Joburg.

Like a Vegan: The parody you didn’t know you needed

The Like A Vegan cooking show sees Black take numerous jabs at the old joke that Vegans never shut up about telling you that they’re vegan. With the help of “Premier Helen Zille” (Black’s mom) the kitchen vegan cooking experience is elevated through song.

With a melody so good that it could only be from a Madonna song, the pair manages to milk some almonds and make other tasty dishes.

Our personal favourite? The “sufferless soup” featuring melted ice cubes and a healthy dose of herbs.

We spoke to Black about his goals for the video, obviously, he stayed in character.

“I’m surprised Hel Zil (played by my mom) decided to be part of it after I wrote a letter to the premiere expressing my pressures of becoming vegan in today’s world. You see, veganism has now taken over my entire family. Bro, bro’s girlfriend, even my dad who once used to rip it off. It’s my very first time, and I’m missing chicken a lot.”

“Did I tell you I am now vegan? I’m vegan in case you didn’t know?”

Check out the video for yourself below.

Watch: Like a Vegan parody video