Heartwarming footage of man be

Heartwarming footage of man being gently touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla [video]

This wonderful moment in which a tourist is touched and groomed by mountain gorillas in Uganda is absolutely incredible to witness.

Heartwarming footage of man be

This video was shot in a private safari camp (Gorilla Forest Camp) in 2012 near the Bwindi National Park in the southwest of Uganda.

The troop of gorillas, called the Rusheguras, paid a visit to the campsite of U.S. tourist John J. King II one morning and sat with him and even groomed him.

Gorilla 1

“These gorillas were interacting with me just like I was one of their own, and it happened completely naturally,” King reportedly said.

“When the silverback walked up, I was transfixed and really set upon not engaging his eyes and trying to be docile. I had no idea he had moved right behind me until my friend told me,” King said.

The friend King refers to is experienced wildlife guide Jonathan Roussow from Cape Town, who also filmed the encounter.

Gorilla 3

“From their touch to this sort of sweet, musty, wild smell, I felt like I was being caressed by wild creatures. It was really more surprise than fear and mostly just exhilaration,” King said.