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Luring tourists back with free tickets to South Africa.. Image : Supplied

What is the best month to travel to South Africa?

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free tickets to south africa

Luring tourists back with free tickets to South Africa.. Image : Supplied

South Africa is in many ways an ideal destination for a vacation because of the generally good weather conditions, with warm, sunny days and mild nighttime temperatures. 

However, as the climate can vary across different places in the country, from desert-like to sub-tropical, pinning down the best months to visit South Africa really depends on the needs and itinerary of the traveler. 

Below you can discover a list of comprehensive advice about the best time to visit South Africa, allowing you to make an informed decision before planning your trip to the country. 

The Best Time to Visit South Africa

If you look at a map of South Africa, you’ll see that the major cities are both scattered along the extensive coastline and within its vast interior. Therefore, the climate, and the recommended best months to visit, can vary dramatically depending on your destination within the country. 

Weather conditions in South Africa also vary across the seasons, which fall in the opposite months to the northern hemisphere: summer falls in November and lasts roughly until March, while winter runs from May to August

Although the weather can be quite cool in South Africa in winter, it doesn’t get anywhere near as cold as many countries in Europe, and many visitors to the country prefer this period for its relatively mild, sunny days. 

The hottest month in South Africa tends to be January when the highest average temperatures can reach above 25°C, although it is also the rainy season for most of the country so the heat tends to be balanced out by the cooling rains. 

The Best Time of Year to Go on Safari in South Africa

One of the major reasons many tourists choose to visit South Africa is to experience an authentic African safari in one of the country’s spectacular nature reserves, which include the Kwazulu Natal province and Kruger National Park, 

The best months to go on a South African safari are generally considered to be outside of the scorching hot summer season, when temperatures in the savannas can often reach unbearable levels for travelers from the northern hemisphere. 

The autumn and winter months not only provide cooler, drier conditions for a safari but are also prime periods for maximum exposure to the native wildlife. 

Those who undertake a safari in South Africa in September and October arealso much more likely to be able to spot their favorite animals gathering at waterholes through the thinned-out vegetation.

What Is the Best Month to Visit Cape Town?

The legislative capital of South Africa and the second-largest city, Cape Town is well known for its iconic backdrop of Table Mountain and ample hiking opportunities, and also boasts some of the best hidden beaches in the world.

However, Cape Town’s idyllic coastal location makes it one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit when traveling to South Africa. 

Large crowds can fill the beaches during the summer high season from December to February, when accommodation prices also tend to be at their most expensive. 

Therefore, many consider the best time to visit Cape Town to be during the tourist shoulder season, from March to May, and from September to November. 

The Best Months to Travel Along the Garden Route

The Garden Route is a  famous 300 kilometer stretch of road which runs along the south-eastern coast of South Africa, from Witsand on the Western Cape to roughly Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape.

The route takes its name from the fact that it passes through large areas of the Tsitsikamma National Park and its impressive indigenous forests, as well as the gorgeous vineyards of the Cape Winelands. 

The Garden Route has a mild oceanic climate, the second mildest in the world after Hawaii, and even the winters boast relatively warm temperatures, which rarely drop below 18°C. 

Therefore, it’s never a bad time to visit this balmy region of South Africa, although those planning to visit in June or July are still advised to pack their wet weather gear!

When to Visit Johannesburg

The largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is often considered less of a tourist draw than Cape Town. Nevertheless, it offers visitors a wealth of interesting attractions including the Apartheid Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum, located in the famous leader’s former home.

Much like travelers to Cape Town, those planning to visit Johannesburg are advised to visit the city outside of the peak tourist season, which also falls during the summer months and draws the biggest crowds. 

The winter months are a much calmer, and cheaper, time to visit Johannesburg, although temperatures can be much cooler than Cape Town due to its inland location and higher altitudes. 

However, rain is much scarcer in Johannesburg in the winter than during the summer months, so visitors can also expect a much drier experience. 

The Cheapest Time of Year to Fly to South Africa

Travelers whose main priority is keeping within a budget when visiting South Africa are advised to avoid booking flights for the high season between December to February when prices tend to be at their most expensive. 

Flights to South Africa tend to be cheapest for traveling during the month of November, during the off-season. 

However, although it may seem like a good idea to make airline reservations months in advance, travelers tend to find the best prices if they buy flights around a month to 3 weeks before arrival.

This is because prices are often reduced closer to travel dates if a large number of seats remain empty on the flight.