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Travel restrictions impact journeys through Gauteng Image: Adobe Stock

Gauteng Update: Clarity on Level 4 travel restrictions

The updated lockdown Level 4 restrictions have caused confusion and chaos for travellers who are in the midst of local trips with planned journeys through Gauteng Province.

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Travel restrictions impact journeys through Gauteng Image: Adobe Stock

The updated lockdown Level 4 regulations prohibit travel to and from Gauteng, as a means of containing the spread of infections throughout the country. The new restrictions also prohibit food being served to customers in the typical restaurant or hotel setting.

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) CEO Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa spoke to Tourism Update to clarify some of the questions that arose following President Ramaphosa’s announcement on 27 June.


Residents from Gauteng are not permitted to make recreational trips to other parts of South Africa at this time. Travel for business purposes, to attend funerals or to take care of family members in other parts of the country is only permitted for Gauteng residents at this point in time. Travel permits are required for such movements.

“Therefore, to prevent the spread of infections, Gauteng residents have been restricted from travelling. However, travellers from other provinces in SA, from the rest of Africa and internationally, may still transit through Gauteng and through OR Tambo International Airport,” said Tshivhengwa.


There is confusion surrounding the regulations for travellers travelling through Gauteng en-route to other destinations.  

Tshivhengwa said it is possible for tourism operators and transport companies to provide road transport to destinations in other provinces, via Gauteng. However, he said that travel permits are required for this.

“They would, however, need to obtain a permit for travel,” Tshivhengwa said.

Tshivhengwa said it was advisable for travellers to carry with them their itinerary as well as their air ticket and booking details for their visits to another province.


Travellers heading to other destinations in South Africa but travelling via Gauteng and needing to make an overnight stop in the province, would be permitted to do so.

“As far as this is concerned, should they (travellers) need to stay in a hotel or any other formal accommodation facility while in transit, this will be permitted,” Tshivhengwa said.


Restaurants and hotel dining rooms are not allowed to operate at this stage.  This means that accommodation providers should supply meals to guests’ rooms.  Tshivhengwa told Tourism Update that there could be some leniency for establishments who don’t operate licensed restaurants.

“Common sense dictates that a small lodge dining room does not constitute a gathering and therefore if a few guests are seated outside or in a small room keeping about five metres apart, it should be fine,” he said.