Humaidi Family Kuwait operations expand to Egypt with new resort

Humaidi Family Kuwait operations expand to Egypt with new resort. Image credit: AdobeStock

Humaidi Family Kuwait operations expand to Egypt with new resort

(Partner Content) Examining this expansion of the Humaidi Family Kuwait operations into Egypt can be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of this fast-growing area of international real estate.

Humaidi Family Kuwait operations expand to Egypt with new resort

Humaidi Family Kuwait operations expand to Egypt with new resort. Image credit: AdobeStock

It’s often the case that looking at successful examples pulled from a business sector can be a way for newcomers to the sector to learn important fundamentals. This can be especially important in real estate development, which often has a high barrier to entry. In recognition of this, we’ve taken some time to overview how the family running Kuwaiti European Holding is working to expand its real estate operations with the creation of the new Aqueous Resort.

Humaidi Family Kuwait Pyramids

Humaidi Family Kuwait to Egypt

While the ties of the Humaidi Family to Kuwait run deep, the family has long shown itself capable of conducting its business on the broader world stage. Through the creation of Kuwaiti European Holding, the family has been able to gain a foothold in not only real estate but also the entertainment industry and also tourism sector. This has come about, in part, due to a strong adherence to sound financial principles that have incorporated a focus on alternative assets and proactive investments.

Now, the family is building on this legacy of solid business practices by announcing the completion of the first phase of construction on its Aqueous Resort. The resort, which sits on the edge of the Red Sea in Egypt, is notable for a number of reasons. Perhaps one of the most important to call out is the manner in which it showcases the family’s ability to operate in multiple jurisdictions and international sectors. This agility in moving from one space to the next can be instructive for other business professionals seeking to make their own impact in the real estate or development sector. It also speaks to the power that can come from being flexible and tailoring one’s business approach to the opportunities that present themselves.

Resort Conception Sets it Apart

To understand the principles that have contributed to the expansion of the Humaidi Family from Kuwait to Egypt, it can be instructive to look at the amenities of the Aqueous Resort itself. the new development has been created with a strong conviction of the importance of bringing groups together. By providing a space in which families and friends can gather, the resort hopes to create a sense of togetherness and adventure that allows travelers to bond with the people most important in their life.

We can see this manifest through an exterior design that focuses heavily on providing spaces for group congregations. To this end, the resort grounds boast areas of many different sizes that can play host to both intimate groups and large-scale gatherings. The areas are cordoned off with a mix of natural structures, such as trees and other plants, as well as manmade dividers that integrate seamlessly into the surrounding space. Outdoor areas are also interspersed with a number of connected pools that allow visitors to enjoy the area even on hot days. At night, these spaces come alive with tasteful lighting decor that helps to extend the time that groups can spend together.

How Humaidi Family Kuwait Expansion Informs Resort Creation

Part of the reason the expansion of the Humaidi Family from Kuwait is notable is that it has helped inform the creation of the resort when it comes to its interaction with local residents. Since the family has developed long-held respect for neighbors and residents local to its home country of Kuwait, it has been predisposed to maintaining that respect when moving its business operations into additional countries.

This has manifested in a deep conviction that the new resort should be set up such that it benefits the local economy and provides opportunities for local residents. To accomplish this, resort staff have worked to open up lines of communication between these residents and the development itself. In doing so, the resort has been able to produce recommendations for tourists seeking to take in local culture, such as restaurants and vendors. It has also been able to pair visitors with guides who can act as a liaison between themselves and residents. This has had the effect of deepening the connection of travelers to the surrounding area.

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Connecting to Natural Beauty

The work of the family has also served to showcase the natural beauty found in Egypt and along the Red Sea. Part of this work has entailed promoting excursions to the sea itself, where travelers can engage in diving trips to view underwater wildlife. These trips can also help uncover additional attractions such as natural rock formations and even sunken manmade structures. In doing so, these trips help to showcase the Red Sea as a tourist attraction in its own right and further cement the historical area as a premier destination in the world.

The area surrounding the sea has also benefited from the family’s focus on showcasing nature for visitors. With fine sandy beaches in abundance, the area provides a great opportunity for travelers to soak in the sun and go swimming on the edge of the sea. Though the area has long been a favorite destination for locals and those who understand its historic context, the additional access provided by the new development helps to bring it to even more global residents. In turn, this helps showcase another compelling destination in Egypt for a broader audience.Though the Humaidi Family Kuwait accomplishments have been extensive in their own right, its recent work in expanding its operations into Egypt and beyond deserves special recognition. Through its work in conjunction with Kuwaiti European Holding, the family has shown itself capable of growing its business operations to new heights, which also provides a helpful roadmap for those who wish to follow in their footsteps. With the creation of the Aqueous Resort, the family has once again helped make a mark on the field of tourism and help change how the world views a tourist destination. This work helps to showcase the impact of its efforts in Kuwait, Egypt, and destinations across the globe.