Mauritius to reopen in July, b

Mauritius is still off-limits for South Africans. Image : File

Mauritius to reopen in July, but still no welcome mat for South Africans

Mauritius will begin a phased reopening to international travellers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from mid-July.

Mauritius to reopen in July, b

Mauritius is still off-limits for South Africans. Image : File

A winter escape to exotic Mauritius is not yet looking likely for South Africans, one of the island’s important tourism source markets.

Pandemic-fatigued South Africans are currently locked out of most countries due to strict border closures, as well as tedious quarantine requirements when entering other countries. This makes international travel a nightmare and totally unappealing for most South Africans.


Mauritius has been locked down for a lengthy period, as the government there has tried to limit Covid-19 infections on the island.

The small island state is still underway with its vaccination roll-out, which has already seen over a third of the local population already having been inoculated. Local authorities are hoping to reach herd immunity by September.

“The island has taken a very cautious approach to dealing with the pandemic in order to protect its inhabitants. They are trying to reach herd immunity and to have all tourism workers vaccinated by September, which will allow them to reopen more fully, but the Mauritius government remains concerned about the COVID infection rates in South Africa and the slow roll-out of our vaccine programme,” a spokesperson for Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) told Travelnews.


Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority announced last week that vaccinated South African nationals who have not been in South Africa prior to entering Mauritius but who enter from approved countries, would be permitted entry under Phase 1 of the reopening.

The list of approved countries for Phase 1 of the island’s reopening on 15 July has not yet been released.

“Flights between Mauritius and South Africa will remain closed until further notice. South Africans who have been fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter Mauritius from countries on the approved list, provided they have not been in South Africa for at least 14 days prior to boarding a flight to Mauritius,” the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) stated.


Mauritius announced on Friday that it would begin to reopen borders in a two-phased approach. 

The first phase will allow entry to vaccinated travellers from 15 July. These visitors will be restricted to their holiday resorts. Such visitors will still need to present negative Covid-19 test results before departing and upon arrival in Mauritius.

South Africans, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, will not be allowed into Mauritius during Phase 1 of its reopening. According to Business Insider Phase 2 of the island’s reopening, is due to come into effect in October.

Phase 2 will welcome fully vaccinated international visitors to the island. The 14 day in-resort stay requirement for vaccinated travellers will fall away.

Fully vaccinated tourists are those who have received the full number of doses required and who possess a valid vaccination certificate. These visitors will also be able to explore Mauritius beyond the confines of their resorts.