elephant splash safari

Photo: Twitter, Greg Davies

Watch: Elephant delivers Sunday showers as shock to safari-goers

What’s better than going on safari and receiving your own personal elephant splash? You know what they say, an elephant never forgets…

elephant splash safari

Photo: Twitter, Greg Davies

After the last year and a half, just the idea of being able to go away on safari sounds like absolute heaven. Getting your own personal elephant splash show right on your doorstep? That sounds like something simply way too good to be true.

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One safari-goer was treated to exactly this experience this week, after he captured the moment an elephant walked right up to his room.
The elephant clearly was in need of a drink and noticed Greg Davies standing there and recording.

This family-friendly shower scene took place at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge in Zambia this week. And has quickly caught the eyes of many a wildlife lover on social media.

Five facts about elephants

The scary thing? The quick change in pace from splash to dash could have seen this video go viral for all the wrong reasons.
Thankfully, all turned out to be much more on the adorable side of the scale.

Here are some ele-facts you may not have known about these beautiful beasts of the wild.

  1. An elephant’s trunk is 4 times better at smelling than a bloodhound
  2. Elephants communicate extensively with their trunks
  3. Their trunk can hold roughly 10 litres of water
  4. Elephants have over 50 000 muscles in their trunk
  5. They do not drink with their trunks, they suck water up into them and spray it into their mouths!