K3 thrill: Western Cape set to

SA will soon boast the world’s longest zipline. Image : Pixabay

K3 thrill: Western Cape set to boast world’s longest zipline

The Western Cape is soon to become the proud host of a thrilling 3 kilometre zipline , which will be extended to 5km next year.

K3 thrill: Western Cape set to

SA will soon boast the world’s longest zipline. Image : Pixabay

South Africa is affirming itself as one of the world’s leading adventure destinations with the construction of a new zipline in the Overberg region outside Caledon in the Western Cape. The K3 zipline will hold the title of the longest zipline in the world once it has been completed.

While South Africa already boasts exciting ziplines such as the ones in the Karkloof and the Magaliesburg, the K3 in the Western Cape is expected to take things to a whole new level.


SA Forest Adventures who is launching the K3 zipline in conjunction with Mossel Bay Zipline, is passionate about South Africa and believes that the country can offer adventure experiences that are comparable to those offered by countries that are known for their premium adventure experiences.

“We are spearheading marketing the country as a premier adventure destination, with another project of international standards within our brand. We believe firmly in our country’s ability to be a leader in the adventure industry, which is why we invest substantially in these projects,” said MD Clinton Lerm as quoted in Getaway.


At 500m above the ground at its highest point, the K3 zipline will offer exceptional views and thrilling experiences which rival those offered by ziplines in other parts of the world.

“We still firmly believe in the capacity of South Africa as a top tourism destination and a world player with other adventure destinations such as New Zealand and Canada.”


Construction of the zipline begins this month. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Initially, the K3 zipline will be three kilometres in length but there are plans to extend the K3 zipline even further next year.

“The installation and site has been identified for a number of reasons and once phase 1 of the project has been opened and successful, the development team will start with its planning for a zipline of a record-breaking 5km in length on the same property,” SA Forest Adventures said.


The Western Cape proudly boasts many of South Africa’s best tourist attractions and award-winning restaurants and hotels. The addition of the world’s longest zipline is a feather in the cap for the province.

“We are excited about the launch of the K3, which will be yet another world-class and unique tourism experience in the Western Cape, attracting both domestic and international visitors to the beautiful Overberg region,” Western Cape Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities David Maynier said.