Will the US stick to its Novem

The November reopening of USA borders is in doubt. Image : Unsplash

Will the US stick to its November border reopening?

It is looking increasingly unlikely that the United States will be ready to honour its proclaimed border reopening next month.

Will the US stick to its Novem

The November reopening of USA borders is in doubt. Image : Unsplash

Last month, the US government announced that it would be lifting its travel ban on vaccinated travellers from several nationalities, including countries from the European Union, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

The reopening of the United States’ borders to vaccinated travellers is slated for November. With just two weeks to go until November, there is still a lack of clarity on details regarding the reopening of US borders.


Media in the United Kingdom and the European Union have started expressing doubts that the US will be able to reopen its borders early next month and that a delay may be likely. The Media report that there is still no clear target date in sight, nor are there many details forthcoming on testing regimes or agreement of protocols.

Several important details are still unknown concerning the entry requirements for the USA. It is not known which vaccines the US will accept and what vaccination certification will be required from foreigners.  There is still no clarity on entry requirements for unvaccinated children accompanying vaccinated parents or guardians.

According to Travelnews some sources say the United States has yet to implement contact-tracing for arriving foreign visitors. Testing regimes are reported to be different from one state to the next, with certain states having introduced their own rules on mask-wearing and travel restrictions.


On 11 October, the United Kingdom removed several countries from its red-list, paving the way for vaccinated travellers from South Africa and many other previously red-listed nations to enter the UK without having to undergo costly hotel-managed quarantines. 

The United States has still not yet outlined the way forward regarding its border reopening for vaccinated visitors from abroad.

UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps said in an interview with Sky News that there was still uncertainty regarding when the United States would reopen to overseas nationals and that he had not been given a date for the United States’ reopening to UK nationals.

Shapps said he had communicated with the US ambassador regarding the date of the reopening of the US borders and was advised that the US still had to work out several technicalities for the reopening, but that it hoped to reopen in November, according to Times of India.  


The lack of clarity on the US border reopening is one of the final barriers remaining for UK travel after Shapps promised an announcement in the coming days regarding the scrapping of the requirement for expensive PCR tests for fully-vaccinated travellers arriving in the United Kingdom.

Airlines and travel companies in the UK have been calling for travellers to be allowed to do cheaper COVID-19 tests for months, saying that the more expensive test adds hundreds of pounds in extra costs to family holidays.

British Airways’ chief executive Sean Doyle has asked for testing to be entirely scrapped for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in the United Kingdom.