7 Underrated Asian attractions

7 Underrated Asian attractions that are South African passport friendly

Green Mamba stifling our wanderlust? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of great attractions that are South African passport friendly.

7 Underrated Asian attractions

We all know the Green Mamba can be a real pain when the wanderlust hits. Asia and South America are good destinations for South Africans who want as little fuss as possible when it comes to visas, but not everyone wants to go to Phuket. Thrillist has recently released its list of hidden Asian attractions, and we’ve had a look at which ones are South African passport friend. You will either need no visa, be able to get your visa online or on arrival.

1. Tatev Monastery, Armenia
Visa required: On arrival, for 120 days

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After taking the world’s longest cable car ride, you can feast your eyes on this beautiful piece of architecture that has been around since the 9th century. How it is still standing, nobody knows. It is one of the most important landmarks in Armenia, but remains somewhat off the global tourism radar.

2. Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Visa required: Not required

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Indonesia is well-known for its picturesque beaches, but the National Park offers plenty of beauty, too. Now, we know South Africans aren’t exactly impressed by wild life considering we have loads of impressive beasts of our own, but this park has loads of ancient reptiles which you won’t necessarily find in South Africa. If you’re looking to escape from the real world in another country, this is a good fit.

3. Viengxay Caves, Laos
Visa required: On arrival, for 30 days

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You might never have heard of Laos before, so let us tell you about it. Packed full of ancient Buddhist temples and stupas for your day trips, Laos also offers the Viengxay Caves. This hidden city of caves housed up to 23 000 people during the Second Indochina War. There were shops, bakeries and even a theatre where citizens hid from American bombs.

4. Mulee Aage Palace, Maldives
Visa required: On arrival, for 90 days

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You’ll want to visit the Maldives for its beautiful beaches, but you must also visit this quaint palace. It is s the “Official Residence of the President of Maldives”. Maybe Mr. Zuma should get some tips?

5. Putra Mosque, Malaysia
Visa required: Not required

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Malaysia is a cultural melting pot that offers something for everyone and the Putra Mosque is one of those somethings. It was only completed in 1999, but has some incredibly detailed woodwork for you to admire.

6. Jathika Namal Uyana, Sri Lanka
Visa required: Electronic Travel Authorisation

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Sri Lanka’s pink quartz mountains are believed to be millions and millions of years old. Legend has it some of stone was used to decorate the Taj Mahal. It’s a stunning climb for adventure lovers, but be prepared for it to be very, very warm.

7. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Visa required: On arrival, for 90 days

A devastating earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015 and one the country’s most beautiful hiking trails was closed. It reopened in July, without much damage. The 240km hike offers breathtaking views and holy sites.

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