Google Wear OS wash your hands

Image via Pexels

Smartwatches running Wear OS now remind you to wash your hands

The latest Wear OS update will help users remember to wash their hands more often.

Google Wear OS wash your hands

Image via Pexels

Google’s latest update to Wear OS that powers wearables like smartwatches bring a feature that will help users stay safe from the coronavirus.

The tide has turned on the debate about the public wearing masks, with the health minister now recommending ordinary citizens wear cloth masks.

This after a long period where everyone, including the World Health Organisation, was telling us not to bother with them.

Better hygiene is vital

While wearing masks has been somewhat controversial, one thing we can all agree on is that improving our hygiene habits works in reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Public health bodies have advised the public that we need to be washing our hands more often and that we need to be washing them properly.

This led to a social media wildfire of posts encouraging people to wash their hands and fun memes to help people wash their hands properly.

However, with everyone cooped up at home, hand washing habits may be lapsing, which can become problematic with the government now talking about slowly allowing businesses to re-open.

Google’s Wear OS update

Google have decided to help owners of wearables running their Wear OS out by including a useful tool as part of the clock app in their latest update.

Wear OS is the Google OS designed to run smartwatches and similar wearable devices.

The latest Wear OS update will remind users to wash their hands every three hours. This should help users remember to take a break and take a walk and do their bit to reduce the chance of spreading the virus, causing COVID-19.

Once the alarm goes off, your Wear OS device will display a 40-second timer to help you to wash your hands for the correct amount of time.

Google Assistant’s “Wash Your Hands” song

As an aside, it might be a good idea to get some alcohol wipes to keep your watch and phone virus-free if you’re going to be touching them in between trips to wash your hands.

If you’re leaving home and washing your hands when you get back the last thing you want to do is walk around handling your phone that you were handling during your trip before you washed your hands.

If you don’t have a Wear OS device, then Google did include a command in its Assistant last month to help you wash your hands for the full 40 seconds.

Just say “Hey Google, help me wash my hands”, and your assistant will play a tune for 40 seconds.