HUAWEI Watch 3

HUAWEI Watch 3 Series: Innovation wrapped around your wrist. Image: HUAWEI.

HUAWEI Watch 3 Series – Pioneering Smartwatch technology

Evolved over a period of four years, the HUAWEI Smartwatch 3 series is everything the smart-tech individual needs to stay on top.

HUAWEI Watch 3

HUAWEI Watch 3 Series: Innovation wrapped around your wrist. Image: HUAWEI.

Do you enjoy staying on top of the latest technology available on the market? Then you will fall in love with the HUAWEI Watch 3 series. It is everything the smart-conscious individual needs to stay ahead in a competitive and fast-moving world.

The HUAWEI Watch 3 series is a potent combination of the latest smart features designed to make your life easier, smarter and safer. Check out its incredible features below.

Smooth smartphone-like experience combined with supreme hardware and software support

Explore an unparalleled level of accurate finger movement recognition on your smartwatch. Precision-driven like never before, the 3D rotating crown enables you to smoothly zoom in and out of images and documents. You can further zip fast and effectively through all the incredible menu options exactly the same way you would do with your smartphone.

The Watch 3 series furthermore includes superlative hardware and software like a 3D engine, particle engine, video decoding capabilities and an iGraphics’ rendering engine adding to a powerful experience all on your wrist.

Enjoy independent communication on your HUAWEI Watch 3

One of the most fantastic features of the Watch 3 series is that it enables you to stay connected without having your smartphone in close proximity to your smartwatch. All you need to do is to activate the eSIM service on your smartphone and you are all set up!

You can further enjoy MeeTime on the Watch 3 Series after activating your eSIM. No need to keep your smartphone with you to make use of this incredible feature. You can also transfer the MeeTime call from your smartwatch to any smart screen you have access to at home.

Love to bounce on the rhythm of music while you work out? Before, you had to have your smartphone close by to enjoy music while exercising. However, the latest smartwatch technology from HUAWEI makes it now possible for you to download and keep up to 6GB of music directly on your Watch 3!

If you are living life in the fast lane and travels often, you will be delighted to know that the HUAWEI Watch 3 enables you to check flight statuses, boarding gate and seat numbers right on your smartwatch. It also synchronises your schedule from your smartphone to your Watch 3. Just what we need in today’s fast-moving world.

Be empowered with a five-day long battery life and smart fitness tracking

HUAWEI Watch 3 Series: For the smart-conscious individual. Image: HUAWEI.

If you opt for the HUAWEI Watch 3 Pro, you will be able to enjoy five days of battery life in smart mode. If you set it to ultralong battery life mode, the battery will last for an incredible 21 days. The other Watch 3 models will give you three days of battery life in smart mode.

One of the greatest features of the HUAWEI Watch 3 Series is that it can detect falls and injuries. This feature is incredible for sports enthusiasts and the elderly. As soon as Watch 3 detects a fall, it sends out an SOS alert to ensure help is on its way.

If you are into extreme sports and climbing high mountains or explore freezing environments, the Watch 3 series can save your life with its automatic SpO2 monitoring. If your smartwatch detects that you need to rest at any point in time, it will alert you to that to avoid any life-threatening situations.

Another great feature included in the Watch 3 series is a revamped accurate temperature sensor that can read the skin temperature. So, after measuring the initial body temperature, the smartwatch can use users’ body temperature to manage their health.

How can I get the HUAWEI Watch 3?

With so much innovation available, there’s no time to waste to stay on top of your game in a smart world. Make sure you pre-order here from R7 299 until 6 October and start enjoying new freedom snugly wrapped around your wrist. If you pre-order the Huawei Watch 3 or the Huawei Watch 3 Pro, you will get a free pair of Huawei Bluetooth Freelace and an additional watch strap.