Nichume and Comrades dominate Google search queries this week

This is what South Africans wanted to know from Google this week. The Comrades, Nichume, and Bathabile Dlamini’s resignation was on everyone’s minds.



A week of political machinations, joy and despair saw South Africans heading to Google to keep abreast of the happenings in Mzansi.

It was an eventful week in South Africa with the running of the Comrades Marathon, and the passing of two well-loved local personalities. Not to mention the continuing soap opera around the deputy president.

South Africa’s top Google searches this week


The Comrades Marathon saw South Africans Edward Mothibi and Gerda Steyn walk away with victories in the men’s and women’s races.

More than 100 000 South Africans searched the race trying to find out more about the race, how to watch it and who won.

Gerda Steyn notably earned a R1 000 000 payday as she shattered the up run record beating second-placed Alexandra Morozova by more than 18 minutes.

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R.I.P Nichume

“Nichume” was the most searched term of the week with about 100 000 searches. Nichume Siwundla’s tragic suicide sent shocked netizens to Google to learn more about her passing; and the rumours alleging Mobi Dixon as possibly being the cause.

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Bathabile Dlamini’s resignation

Bathabile Dlamini’s resignation from parliament was one of many ex-ministers to resign during the past fortnight. However, she is the only one who handed in an eight-page resignation letter as far as we know.

There were more than 20 000 searches on Tuesday as the country learned of the former Minister’s resignation.

It turns out that the recent glut of resignations is most likely an attempt by former ministers to preserve their ministerial pensions, which they would lose out on if they remained as normal members of the National Assembly.

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R.I.P Christine Basson

Sadly, South Africa bid farewell to Christine Basson; who garnered 20 000 searches on the day we learned of her passing. Christine was the much-loved figure from popular soap operas like Egoli and Agter Elke Man.

Ace Magashule

The week that was started off with allegation that ANC and South African Deputy President Ace Magashule was being investigated by the ANC for his role in the formation of the African Transformation Movement (ATM).

The ATM is one of several parties that popped up in the run-up to the election. About 10 000 Google users were searching “Ace Magashule”; trying to find out more about the former Free State premier who has been surrounded in controversy in the past weeks.

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