playstation 5 sony next-gen console

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PlayStation to release new Civilization game before the end of 2019

Civilization VI to be released by PlayStation before December.

playstation 5 sony next-gen console

Photo: Pexels

Die-hard Civilization fans know that it’s been over 10 years since Sid Meier had the game made for a PlayStation (PS) console. The good news is Civilization VI will be coming to the PS4 in November, according to Sony’s State of Play!

What you’ll get from the latest PlayStation Civilization release

Watch: PlayStation announces its upcoming games at State of Play. Source: Twitter/@PlayStation

According to PlayStation, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game where the player attempts to build a long-lasting empire. The game will offer players new ways to engage with your world.

Cities on this version physically expand across the map, your actions help boost technology and civics research; and competing leaders can “pursue their own agendas based on their historical traits as you race to achieve victory.”

The Expansion Bundle and what its benefits are

Just when you thought that was all the good news: the PlayStation game will come with an Expansion Bundle! It will include both Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm which adds a number of additional civilizations and leaders.

The latter also adds new gameplay systems and depth, and unique challenges to the Civilization VI experience.

Here are the main differences between the expansions:

  • Rise and Fall gives the player choices on either inspiring loyalty or risk rebellion as you fight to maintain your empire and pushing your civilization into a Golden Age. Without loyalty you could find yourself in a Dark Age, but a Heroic Age might help you rise again.
  • Gathering Storm happens to be the livelier expansion of the two. It features natural disasters like volcanic eruptions or storms which threaten to destroy your improvements and districts. It also has an evolving global ecosystem which is shaped by your choices and can change the planet’s climate for better or worse. The addition of the World Congress allows your voice to be heard among the other leaders of the world.

PlayStation’s other perks for the die-hard fan

An example of Civilization VI’s gameplay. Source: Twitter/@PlayStation

PlayStation reveals that the game doesn’t just look great but the controls and UI have also been optimized for an excellent controller experience. Accessing information and moving about the map is as easy as they come.

Players have total control over the map, menus, and movement. You can have a decent gaming weekend with your friends as Civilization VI allows up to four players in the online multiplayer.

The game encourages you to form alliances with friends as you try to beat them all in one go. Alliances can, however, be broken at any time and surprise wars will catch the most skilled player off-guard.

The official release date for Civilization VI, the Rise and Fall, and the Gathering Storm Expansion Bundle is 22 November 2019.