Tom Moyane
South Africans Abroad

Volatility and scandals move the Rand

The last week saw some dramatic volatility in the markets in both South African and abroad. The GBP has been on the charge, while the Rand has taken a bit of a beating in the last week or so. Meanwhile, the Dollar has been weaker due to the recent spate of natural disasters as well as ongoing geopolitical tensions.


Rand on the uptick ahead of Zuma no-confidence vote

South Africa’s Rand has been in full retreat since the beginning of the month. Investors anticipated further weakness as the currency broke through successive technical levels in an economy in recession with possible ratings downgrades on the horizon. The local currency has made up some of this lost ground on Monday.

Rand rallies, continues to str

Rand rallies, continues to strengthen

The rand is continuing its strong showing after breaking through a significant level of R13.30/$ on Wednesday on the back of a bigger risk appetite for emerging market currencies and a strengthening of the euro.