What really happened in Baga,

What really happened in Baga, Nigeria?

Two weeks after the Boko Haram massacres in northern Nigeria we still don’t know exactly how many people have died. There are no journalists, government officials, soldiers or independent monitors in Baga at present. There are no Internet connections and mobile phones have not worked in months since jihadists destroyed cellphone masts in the area.

Nigeria overtakes SA as Africa

Nigeria overtakes SA as Africa’s biggest economy

It may have been a long time coming, but as South Africa’s economy slows down, Nigeria takes the lead on the ‘Dark Continent’ for the first time. However, a straight comparison of GDP statistics alone may be rather misleading, as population numbers as well as individual spending habits vary greatly between the two nations

Ke nako: Nigeria to overtake S

Ke nako: Nigeria to overtake SA as Africa’s biggest in 4 weeks

New, more accurate measurement of Nigeria’s GDP may knock the South off its pedestal as Africa’s biggest deal, in economic terms. This is good news for South Africa, where Africa’s better-off enjoy shopping for trade deals as well as luxury goods. But the hard question remains: why aren’t we growing that fast as well?